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3 mins.

An editors life.

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An editors life.

by Image Alyssa Kennedy 3 mins.

A/N. This is chapter 3, this chapter came right after chapter 2. It will get better but stay tuned because this is a good and important chapter. 


The stench of the room burns my nostrills, the smell of cigerettes and stale air is almost unbareable. When Ella walked into the living room, her mother was drunk, and a lit cigerette from her father, laying slanted in a ash-tray. Ella walked through the living room trying not to wake her parents, then her father said... 

"Ella... where were you?" Ella's dad said in angered tone. 

"Umm... I was late for school... and um... I had to go to detention... I'm so sorry dad I wont do it again." 

" Your so pathetic, hmm, i'm guessing you didn't take the bus again. UGH!!! YOUR SO WEAK!!!!" Ella's father always said Ella didn't deserve to live or Ella was useless, not only that her mother beat her. 

" ... YOU CANT EVEN DEFEND FOR YOURSELF ON THE BUS!!! HOW PATHETIC!"  Ella's father left the room and said...

" you can finish her off" and so he left... Ella in danger of her mother. 

" Ella..."                         


'Ella left me again! I just want to be friends... whats her problem? whatever it is im gonna find out.' 

" HEY! Tylerrrrrr, wassup my mini man!" 

" Hehehe good one Errol!" 

" Shut up Ace!"  

 Errol and Ace were Tylers friends. Errol and Ace are two years older then Tyler, but Errol took Tyler under his wing, he loved Tyler like a younger brother.

" Oh, hey Errol, Ace. What are you guys up to?"

" We were just gonna shoot a few hoops want to come?"

" umm... naw im good."

" Ok dude i'll see you around." 

" ya...sorry."

Tyler could feel a glare from Ace. Ace never liked Tyler, infact he hated Tyler. Ace would do anything to hurt Tyler, he didn't want his best friend to be taken away. So he tried his hardest to get in between the to friends.

' I wonder where Ella lives... is she poor or rich? does she have any siblings? what are her friends like?' Tyler couldn't stand it any more he had to know more about Ella's life, but how? she wont even consider  talking to him.

                                                   ~Meanwhile at Ella's house~ 


"m-mom p-please I wont do it again... i'm sorry... I... am your... daughter"

" I hate you Ella... I cant even look at you, you make me sick."

Right when Ella's mother said that she slaped Ella across the face so hard that in Ella's world time froze and she could hear a loud ringing in the ear, blood came from her ear, mouth, nose. Her one ear couldn't hear all the foul words her mother was saying, she could taste the blood within her cheek it tasted of iron, and when she sobbed it hurt all the more when she sniffeld, but Ella knew there was more to come.

" stop crying Ella..."

Suprisingly her mother didn't harm her she just stared at her coldly, but her stare turned into a glare... and that's when she said...

" You are to leave this place and never come back... your father and were talking quite some time, about you leaving the place... I was going to wait untill next year hatetred for you is to strong, go pack your bags... and leave."

Ella was shocked... she couldent believe what her mother just said, Ella was only fifteen, she coulden't even leave the place yet, not only that but she cant even get a job where will she live, Ella didn't have any good relitives to live with, no friends, Ella knew that her parents hated her but.. to kick her out... with no food... no money... nothing.


" That's your problem not mine, now leave befor I call the police." 

" M-mother p-please I promise I w-will be G-GOOD... no I will be a Great daughter... mother please...  I have nothing.

Ella'smother thought about this for a second, she was lost in thought untill she said...

" You got another month to save up mooney befor I kick you out! stupid kid! "

" Thank you mother... thank you"

" Now Ella get out of my face... GO!"

Ella made her way upthe stairs and at the top she stopped for a second, chills went down her spine when she thought about when her time is up... will she save enough money? Ella didn't want to think about this right now... Ella needed her slee, so she walked her way to her room, opened the door to her room, through on a night gown and went to sleep.


A/N. Hey guys! this is chapter three, stick around to see what happens next! .... I DONT EVEN KNOW WHATS GONNA HAPPEN NEXT!!! lol omg Alyssa! ( that's my name) sorry the chapters are short... Review please!!!! comment I want feedback follow moi! I follow  back and... ya!!!

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Cookie @cookiekennedy
I do really like this story, it's good! :) Keep it up! ~Cookie~
Alyssa @alyssakennedy0ad4

Thank you, I do appreciate it... I published chapter 4 now... :)
Thanks again Cookie.