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3:15 AM

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3:15 AM.

A story of Mice and Refrigerators.

By Jake Crocco

Refrigerators. The gut-wrenching, soul destroying hail bringers of doom. This is a story of a kid named jake, and how his nasal cavities were destroyed. It was 2am on a Saturday, at the residence of the Crocco family. Jake had just woken from a bad dream, and was hungry for a late night snack. He walked down the stairs, reflecting on the dream he just had. When he opened the fridge door, nothing really stuck out that he wanted. So he just stood there and looked at it blatantly. Suddenly he noticed a tupperware that looked hopeful. As he reached towards it, he missed the fact that it may be something lost and forgotten in the depths of the fridge. Slowly his arm was inching closer and closer to the tupperware lid. Finally, the tip of his finger reached the edge of the tupperware. Slowly but surely, he inched the tupperware closer to him, until he felt confident to grip it firmly. With the tupperware close to his body, and the thoughts of food in his mind, he walked slowly over to the counter. Once reaching the counter he placed the tupperware down, and proceeded to open it. When he lifted the tupperware lid, he could almost feel the cascading, horrible odor of mold and mildew flowing into his nose. The last thing he could remember was falling, and not feeling anything.

When he awoke, he felt this thick, syrupy, liquid flowing down his back. When he reached his hand around his head, he was bewildered as to why there was blood there. So he quickly stood up off the floor, and grabbed a paper towel to clean all the mess he made. After the mess was all clean, he thought of the dream he had. He remembered something about a tupperware. Suddenly, with a jolt he realized it wasn’t a dream. He quickly looked at the place on the counter where the tupperware was. Yes, it was still there. Very cautiously he walked over to the counter. Slowly, he reached towards the tupperware. He could feel this menacing, horrible, aura in the air. He could feel beads of sweat running down his neck. He had a sudden change of heart, and decided to go find a gas mask. After minutes of looking, he found the mask and proceeded to find latex gloves. As the time drew by, whilst he was preparing for his advance on the tupperware, he recalled the horrors of the past hour. He had never prepared himself for an expedition like the one he was currently undergoing. When he was disposed to approach the tupperware, he was dressed head-to-toe in full battle armour. With his mighty weapon poised and ready for the intervention, he advanced upon his potent enemy. Using his excessive, but dominant toy claw grabbers, he beared aloft his great adversary. He started to stride considerably towards the trash can. In complete bewilderment, he noticed the tupperware had started to slip out of his claw contraption. Not even halfway to the trash, Jake took evasive action and flung the claw in the general direction of the trash can. He watched as the claw bounced off the edge of the trash, to Jake's great surprise, the tupperware simply hit the floor and bounced, not opening up. Jake walked towards the tupperware, and picked it up, putting it in the trash. His mission was complete. Leaning against the wall, he slid down it to sit on the floor. His long, enduring battle with the tupperware had taught him much. Never again would Jake leave any leftovers in the fridge. With a wistful face, he glanced at the clock.

It read 3:15 am.

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