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A date with Destiny.

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A date with Destiny.

by Default avatar RainbowRose84 5 mins.

I spent a lot of money for a ticket to a book signing but it wasn't just any book signing.
It was a book signing for the hilarious YouTube star Gabbie Hanna AKA The Gabbie Show.
I spent the whole day at work just thinking about what I was going to say to her cause its not every day that you meet your inspiration.

The time came for me to get to the bookstore and when I did was literally the last in line.. While waiting in line, I met some amazing people. We talked about our favorite videos of Gabbie's and ponder what she was like in real life. I put on her single "Out Loud" and placed it on replay.. Everyone cheered as the song came on.
As the hours went by and the lines got smaller and smaller, I thought to myself what would I say to her when I met her?
I thought "Do Not say anything Stupid"
As I saw the last twenty people in front of me, my nerves were getting the best of me. I just kept repeating song lyrics in my head.
The line was down to just me...

There she was looking amazing.. I could tell by her eyes that she was exhausted.
I said "Hell, I'm Darci" I couldn't say much after that.
Gabbie said "Hi I'm Gabbie but I bet you already knew that and thank you for coming to my meet and greet" I told her I have seen most of her YouTube videos and watched some more than once. She smiled that beautiful smile of hers.. My heart started pounding and I felt like it might literally beat out of my chest. Her beauty is far more stunning in person than on camera.

She pulled me close for a hug which I gladly accepted. We took a few photos together.
The bookstore and her "team" rushed us.
I did something out of my comfort zone.. I asked Gabbie " do you want to go get dinner with me?"
She said " I don't know you that well"
I said " that's okay and I understand where you're coming from"

Ten minutes later the bookstore closed and I found myself waiting outside. I knew she would be with her "team"
I see her standing outside of the bookstore waiting for her Uber driver to come... She waited for 45 minutes and the driver didn't show up. I knew this was a chance that I had to take..
I said " Hey Gabbie, do you need a ride to your hotel?"
Gabbie said " I think i will wait for my Uber"
I said " You have been waiting well over 45 minutes and please don't think I'm stalking you but you're out here all alone"
She smiled that gorgeous smile again and again my heart started beating faster.

Gabbie looked at me and said "if you don't mind taking then I would love a ride from you"
I walked to her my car and opened the door for her. She climbed and i shut the door.
As we sat in the silence for a moment, she spoke.

She asked me "what's you favorite video of mine"
I said "there are too many videos to chose from"
She said " Please"
I said "The video where you made out with a fellow YouTuber"
She blushed and asked "why"?
I said "Any person that gets to kiss you is a lucky one" then she said "maybe if you're lucky you and I can recreate some of that video"

She grabbed my right hand and placed in hers.
She caressed my hand with her other. Her skin was so soft.

I asked again "Would you like to go dinner with me?"
She said " I would like for you to come back to my hotel room and we can order room service"
I said "I would like that very much"

She asked me "what I did for a living:
I said "Nothing special like you do but I'm a writer"
She said "Me too" then she laughed.

We pulled up to the hotel and a valet took my car away which was a first for me. She held my hand as walked through the lobby and into the elevator.
The elevator doors closed and we were alone yet again. I could the butterflies flying in my stomach.
I thought "am I really going to Gabbie Hanna's hotel room"

She leads me to her door and opens it.
Her hotel room was amazing and had the most beautiful view of city.
She ordered room service .
We both got salads.

As we sat down to eat, she told me about her life.
I asked her "Were you really bullied?"
She said "Yes I was" I got called a lesbian a lot.
I said " that must have been hard on you, knowing that people were only making fun of you because they themselves were insecure assholes"
She smiled and said "thank you for that"

We talked about our families and friends.
Talking to Gabbie was like talking to a woman I have known my whole life.
As we finished dinner, I noticed that her eyes never left mine.
Again my heart was beating so fast.

I told her "I stare into your eyes and talk to you all night"
She got up from the table and sat on her bed. She patted the space next to her.
I sat down next to her..
She took finger and slid my hair behind my ear, I blushed.
I said "i should get going its late you have to keep some sleep" As I stood up she grabbed my hand said " Please stay"
How could I say no to her? She is amazingly beautiful.

I told her that "I know she isn't gay and I'm cool with it" I knew she went on a lot of dates with men she met from dating sites.
I knew that she didn't like girls sexually. So coming back to her hotel was like a huge deal for me.
She said to me "I thought you were like really chill and amazing so I had to get to know better"
As I stand there contemplating on whether or not I should stay or make my exit then she stands up in front of me.
She asked me "Do you want to go?" I said "I honestly don't know"
She grabs both of my hands then puts her arms around me. I stare into those beautiful eyes once again and I couldn't move.
She leans in and kisses me. I'm taken back by this because I like I said before i knew she wasn't gay.
Her lips feel so soft against mine and I hold her tighter.

I pulled back and asked "what is this and where is it going to go?"
She replied "I dont know but I want to find out"
She kisses me again.
I slide my fingers down her spine and she holds me tighter.

I spent the night in bed with this most beautiful woman.. Not saying we had sex but not denying that either.
I wake the next morning with this beautiful and amazing woman laying next to me and I think to myself
"Wow i'm with her"
She starts waking up and stretching this so cute to me.

We eat breakfast then I say I have to go'
Gabbie Says "You dont have to leave, please stay with me"
I respond with "You have a life to get back to and things you are a part of"
Gabbie responds with "Come with me then and we can see the world together"
So i quit my job and traveled the world with Gabbie Hanna.

We spend the next 2 years together then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I can't live without he.
So while she is filming one of her amazing VLOGS, i decide to go buy an engagement ring.
I come home to her editing her VLOG and said "let's collab babes"
She responded with "Alright babe"

We're doing this VLOG and I'm interviewing he.
I pretend to drop something on the floor then I pull out the ring.
She is stunned and yet surprised then I ask the question "Gabbie Hanna, will you marry me?" and she said "Yes, a thousand times yes"
I say to her that I thank god I stayed and waited for her like I did.

Gabbie ends her video and I say thanks for being a witness to this.

We live happily ever .


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Please be gentle as this is my first "fan fiction" I would like some help if you want to give it. Take Care God Bless Darci


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