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A Frozen Thought


A Frozen Thought

This is a true story.

Think as if this were happening to you.

Yet another weird day at school... thoughts off in another world, mind boggled to the point of no reality...

A constant flow of thoughts going through my head, making me feel as if someone was watching me from within myself.

A very loud, yet subtle buzz throughout my head and body. It feels like a motion of murky yet viscous water flowing in me.

Through my head, through my arms, through my chest, and into my legs and feet. A feeling of warmth and confusion.

I step out of the bathroom door to view my School locker bank.

I notice it's a nice warm day, showing signs of an early summer. The sun is bright, and I begin to notice something off.

Flashes of light, not bright, very small flashes. Something is sparkling. Actually the whole Commons area around me is sparkling.

I noticed I haven't moved since I walked out of the bathroom doors so I began to trudge aimlessly.

The flashes don't stop so I decided to examine them... Snowflake... another Snowflake... and another...

I glance up to see the ceiling, just pouring snow down. The ceiling is intact and cannot possibly be producing snow.

I take a step back and gasp in awe of the snowfall taking place in front of me, all indoors, I look out the window and still see the same sunny day, and the snow keeps falling.

Nothing has ever seemed so beautiful to me. A well of tears open and I can feel my eyes watering.

I turn around to continue my journey throughout the school, and I no longer see the snow.

I turn back around towards the window and the area where I saw the snow falling... Frozen

Everything had seemed to stop... Like time itself had stopped to teach me something.

The snow is frozen mid air as I walk towards the Hallucination... and gone...

The snow fades as quickly as it came... and I smiled, I felt as if a huge weight had been taken off of my shoulders...

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Jordan Clement


This story takes place years after my first story.


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