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A New Chapter


A New Chapter

Chapter 1

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"STAAAARR!" Yelled a boy in his his teenage years. He wore a red hoodie had a little mole and a short haircut.

"STAR!!" He yelled again

"marco!" the girls voice echoed his name echoed all around him.

He ran in the direction her voice had come. Her voice echoed out a few times as he folowed them over a hill. He saw as a giant monster that looked somewhat like Toffee.

The monster was about to walk through a portal as he caught up with the monster he had her wand which had changed into his form of wand.

he had to get Star back she was his best-friend. the monster turned around dropping star as she hit the ground with a thud.


A deep rage enveloped Marco's soul as his eyes turned white and he lifted off the ground floating

"Mega mushroom destruction blast!" Marco yells.

The wand activates as The monster walks toward him towering over him more than a hundred feet.

The blast incinerates the Monster and Marco falls back to the ground out of breath and on the verge of passing out. He blearily get up limping over to star as he had hurt his ankle upon the fall.

As he approached star his ankle began to hurt worse. A rumble,a crack followed sharply by a surge of pain in his left leg making him fall over. He heard what sounded like Warnicorns and a familiar english voice.


A surge of pain shot up his leg and the voice came back.

"Marco...Marco...can...hear me."

Marco was too exhausted to reply so he gave one final long glanceto Star's still body before passing out.


Marco woke up gasping for air clutching at his chest.

The voice startled Marco as he looked to his left to find a blurry blue figure with white poofy hair.

As his eyes came into focus, Marco found that Queen Moon the Undaunted was standing next to him.

"Q-Queen Moon, your highness what happened? What Happened were am I?" Marco Quizzed .

"Cald down Marco your safe. Your in a Mewnian hospital in the kingdom. And as for what happened We found you in a cave With a rock on your leg and Star's Wand. Your leg broke unfortunately in more than one place. Your still lucky than Star."

"Star." marco whispered to himself as memories came flooding his mind.

"Where is she." Marco asked scared for her well being.

"She is in the next room." Queen answered.

As soon as Marco heard "next room" he quickly scrambled to get out of bed falling and face planting in the floor. Moon levitatoed him back on to the bed, seeing his bloody nose.

"Marco, you've hurt yourself we should get you cleaned up first."

"I don't care about my nose, i just need to see Star." Marco argued.

Marco looked furiously into Queen Moons eyes.

"HMMM, Alright then."

Queen Moon Levitated Marco into the Wheel chair. and began pushing him into the next room.

As soon as Marco saw Star his heart dropped.

Star's whole body was in a cast up to her neck. Her head wrapped in bandages, and her left arm and right leg were slung in a suspender above her body. Marco knew this was his fault and he should've protected Star and not have ignored his gut feeling.

"This is my fault." he whispered.

"Marco this is not your fault you never wou-"

"NO! this is my fault when we were at the house I had a gut feeling that something bad would happen but, I ignored it." Marco explained. He felt guilty for what had happened.

"Oh, Marco, i'm so sorry all this has happened. But before you know it You and Star, will be bak to going on adventures and having fun."

"I sure hope so." Marco said softly.

"Now come on let's get some food."

"Thanks But I'm not hungry." Marco said.


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