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A New Life

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A New Life

It was a sunny Friday afternoon, Jennifer Urizar was walking home after a long day of school. Jennifer was of average height for her age, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She was truly beautiful but it was hidden behind her thick round glasses she wore to keep her secret. Being classified as the school nerd she was thought to be an easy target, but the truth was she could take them all down with one finger. In her childhood she had a best friend that moved away for unknown reasons. Abandoned at birth she didn’t ever get the chance to see her mom or dad’s face. At an early age she was put in an orphanage and but they found a grandpa and she was able to move out at 15 now she lives alone in an old house. Her grandpa died shortly after that and left her all his money, but she couldn’t have it until she was 18. At the orphanage Jenny was treated like trash, often hit and verbally abused. At the age of 5, something extraordinary happened. Walking home from school she walked past a construction site. At her school they were talking about if they could have a super power what it would be. Suddenly meatal beams that were high above her head started to fall right where she stood. She then remembered the conversation at school and wish that she could have a force field. Then something bright green glowed around her just as the beams almost hit her. A crash was they only sound that was heard but nothing happened no pain. Removing her arms from her head see looked up and saw the beams around her along with a green force field. That was the day she learned that she had supper powers and had to hid them.

Arriving home a man in a shiny black suit holding a silver briefcase was on her doorstep. She had two choices 1. To run into her house and ignore the man or 2. Run away. She chose to run away but did not look behind her. A trash can was behind her and she crashed right into it making a loud noise. The man looked back hearing the crash. He almost immediately recognized her and started to chase after her. She ran into alley ways trying to avoid the man who she thought was about to kidnapped her. He was running at an inhuman speed but luckily she was faster. Finally the man cornered her she tried to run away but had no strength left. ‘Oh no I’m going to get kidnapped,’ was the thought that ran through her mind. Then the man gave her an envelope and address and told her to go there if she accepted. Baffled she stood there here she was thinking she was going to get kidnapped. Stuffing the note in her pocket she started to walk home where there she would read it.

When she arrived home she took off her shoes and put away her keys. She plopped on to the old red couch and carefully opened the letter. She was amazed there in the letter she was invited to a superhero school. Finally a place where she belonged where people were like her she could start a new life. Quickly she typed the address into her GPS and started off to the meeting place. Finally she got to her destination. No one was there she was afraid that this was just another cruel joke played on her by her school mates. Suddenly a helicopter landed right in front of her. A lady in a dark grey pantsuit came out.

“Well hello there I take it you are Jennifer,” she said.

“Yes ma’am that’s my name.”

“Well my name is Barbra wicks. I am the director of Riverdale superhero high. The school is hidden from public view so I ask you come with me. All of your stuff has been taken to your new dorm.”

“Alright I go with you”

They board the helicopter and start of to Riverdale. Jennifer looked out of the window to see three big buildings the one in the middle was the biggest of them. The whole place looked like a castle. The walls were made out of stones and parts were covered in Irish ivy. There were also huge gardens filled with every type of flower you could imagine. The bushes were made into walls so there was a maze. The bushes and trees were made to look like statues of people and animals. There was a lake with a fountain in it in the middle of all these beautiful buildings with people flying to and from them. Others were jumping or running at a supersonic speed. She was amazed. There were so many people like her.

“One more thing,” said the director, “this is a co-ed school so your roommate will be a guy. But right now he is on a mission so you won’t see him till the end of the week.”

“Ok, and thank you for this amazing opportunity.”

“Your welcome darling now enjoy”

She got out of the helicopter and as quickly as she came out a crowd formed around her. All she heard were hi, are you new, can I have your number, you’re cute, and what’s your power. She tried to pass them quickly but they seemed to follow her every move. Finally the director spoke up.

“All right my lovelies let this girl settle in and then we will meet her at the assembly hall ok.”

After that she speed off to her dorm where the director told he was number 222. She opened the door and started to unpack.

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