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A Vision that Last the Journey 1


A Vision that Last the Journey 1

by Default avatar A.R. Nomar 3 mins.

A Beginning to Remember

There is this word that defines a person either friend or foe;

A word that can keep a promise or shatters it into pieces;

A single word that lets you decide to either live or die with it and

It has a vision making every journey last a lifetime.

“Where am I?”

When memories starts to fade…

“Who… Who am I?”

As I stood in an enclosed four cornered room. Above me was a symbol of an eye that was made up of bronze, looking closer at it, the floor was slowly engulfed by flames leaving some tiles untouched. The eye casted a shadow figure above me as I trembled in fear, all the walls fell flat into the ground exposing a large highway in front of me. At a distance, hearing a sudden loud car crash somewhat impaired my sense of hearing. As the flames surrounded me, breathing was almost impossible. My vision turned to a blur and my legs began to weaken. I didn’t even noticed that the eye was slowly melting and deforming its shape. Where its melted portion fell into the left part of my face. As it touched my skin it instantly burned, having felt the horrible throbbing pain my body was left paralyzed hopelessly as the fire engulfed me whole.

- Consciously wakes up realizing it was all a day dream as he stands near the white wooden door and tightly grasping its knob. -

“These… These visions… Why does it keep… Keep getting into my head… Especially when I touch something familiar… Ugh… My head… Why does it hurts?”

- He slowly opens the door hesitantly and with a little glance he sees a well naturally lit room with walls painted in white with a bed, a brown closet leading towards the wall and a round table besides the hanging red telephone located near the window. -

“Is this… Suppose to be a familiar place? Yet… I can’t remember a single thing… And why did I come all the way here…?”

- Since all the windows were opened, he enters the room and is welcomed by a gentle wind touching his pale brown skin and it was to the feeling of a cool breeze across his face. Leading towards one of the windows he sees a vast scenery of the ocean as the sunlight glitters along the waves. He instinctively feels awe of the view however… -

“These feelings… What are these…? I can only feel it somehow inside my subconscious and can’t seem to find a way to express them… It’s like my body couldn't remember itself…”

- Couldn't bear of what he just witnessed he carefully slides back the window and sees his reflection. -

“Even my own self couldn't reminisce what it looks like…”

- Slowly moving his hand towards his burnt portion of his face. -

“Is this… real…?”

- As he touch the burnt area he immediately recalls the melted bronze eye and slams his right palm into the round table and sees a piece of paper resting on it. Grabbing the paper he reads the content. -

“Medical Clearance…?”

“Patient Name: Ace Galaxon”

“Diagnosed by Alexithymics Amnesia?”

“To whom it may concern,

After months of recovery from a coma due to a car incident. This led to an unusual case of Amnesia, where a patient cannot express his/her emotions due to the loss of his/her memories. In that case we have accepted your suggestions as a cure for the patient’s condition but we highly recommend to check his actions in order to prevent false memories.”

- Without saying a word he immediately run towards the door all confuse leaving the paper behind. As he about to grab the knob, the door forcefully opens hitting him on the head leaving him unconscious on the ground. -

It was all pitch black as I regain my consciousness with a somewhat familiar voice begins to echo inside my mind, but again couldn't remember…

“Our last hope…”

“Who… Who is this…?

“A vision towards unification.”


“Arthur…? Do you remember…?”

“Ar… Arthur?”

“Do you trust your destiny…?”

“I… I don’t know…”

- Then a flash of bright light opens his eyes and couldn’t believe on what he just seen. -

“Is… Is that me?!”

- He sees himself in the eyes of the person carrying him down the stairs from his apartment. He almost feels like that half of his soul got transferred to a different person. As his vision slowly becomes blurry due to exhaustion, he said. -

“I know now my destiny: To remember everything from my past.”

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