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A Wall Flower


A Wall Flower

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~~ A Wall Flower ~~

I always think I'm so easy to ignore

Oh! Yes because you think I'm a bore

It seems no one know I exist

Oh well, sadly I'm getting use to it.

Invisible, that's my fitting adjective.

Perhaps to you I have nothing to give

Oh! I forget I am a nobody.

Damn! I think I lost my identity.

Well, I think I conceal my figure .

In that chair I look so obscure.

It's an art I unknowingly master

Now at least I'm a visible wallpaper.

The background, thats where I always belong.

The place where I stand with you all along.

My current situation is quite heartbreaking.

What can I do everybody is so unwelcoming?

Dispiriting my life as it is maybe.

I know someday I won't be this gloomy.

I'm heartily lisping an earnest prayer.

For I'm exhausted of being a wall flower.

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