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Abusive Fingers

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Abusive Fingers

Chapter 1

No one knows my story, so I'm here to tell. Hi I'm Ryan and this is my story.

Some people may look at me like I'm a shy spoiled rich girl with a guys name and thinks she barely talks because she's to good for talking... yea I'm not deaf I here the rumors. Non of that is true I'm just a girl who writes in her journal and can't wait until she's eighteen. You might be like why , why can't she wait ... well let me give you some intel. I'm Bubbles Ryan Mason , I'm 17 and adopted. My adopted parents had the teachers tell everyone my name was Ryan because I hate my name. Like who the heck name there child bubb-... I see a hand slam on my desk, I look up very slowly and see my worst enimie " what you writing there ry-ry" like I said in the beginning ... I don't talk. I slam my hands on my desk, push my chiar out and walk out the class room. Everyone try's to crack me to talk... it will never happen. You know that girl yandere ( if you don't search her up ) I totally idolize her, like she has so much confidence and doesn't care what people think of her and I love it. I went home early I couldn't stay at that devil house anymore. I started to get ready for my worst nightmare that I have to deal with every night " Ryan, I'm home! " my father. I hear footsteps as I flans around in my moms favorite landere " Ah! there you are " did I not metion that I don't have facial expressions. " your moms favorite one .... " I take a breather to talk " umm yea I- " he cuts me off " TAKE IT OFF " I don't know why but I always freeze when I hear those words but why... I should be used to it now. " NOW!?! " I hate my life. Thank god its over, I walk down stairs to see my mom giving me the death stare as I remember that I didn't finish doing the dishes " Ryan... come here please " I hate when she trys to be nice " yes, mother " she slaps me and walks out the room. Thanks mom.

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Hi guys, I'm Brooklynn the author of this story. This is a Thriller/Romance/Comedy story. This is my first story that I am publishing to the public and also this is just an introduction into Ryan's life, I promise the stories will be longer.. BBBYYYYEEE!!!


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riez @rieztampos
i like it.. keep writing
brooklynn @brooklynnlewis

Thank you i am new to writing so thx for the support

harshini @harshinisatish
what is this!!!!! hon u need to improve a lot (i mean) ur story this is not a third rate website.... try harder for a better story
Paige @paigejones
I want to read more where is the rest
ThyFilthyNoob @ThyFilthyNoob
Good introduction so far I just suggest editing your work before posting it bud. You only get one chance at a first impression.