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Adventures Within, Season 1 : Await


Adventures Within, Season 1 : Await

Chapter 1

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10:00am , Saturday

Finals are next week, and I'm studying my heart out. My phone rings, signaling my ten-minute break time. I decide to go the tea shop across the street which just opened a couple days ago. I get my phone and plug in my earphones, listening to BTS's Baepsae, I get out of the door. The air blows on my face. It's been hours since I felt the morning breeze. I then head over to the tea shop,but I wasn't exactly sure where it was, so I asked a couple of people on the way. This one guy was kind enough to help me, then I finally arrived at the tea shop. "Hello! Welcome to The Tea Leaf! What would you like for today?" said the Cashier. Realizing that its disrespectful to listen to music when talking to someone, I unplug my earphones. "Caramel Macchiato, please." I put my earphones back on and play this stacking game of Japanese bears while I wait for my macchiato. Probably five minutes later, my macchiato is ready and I head back outside. I then decide to go to the park, which is really peaceful on the last few days of school. I unplug my earphones and put them in my bag. I would love to just gather my thoughts once in a while. Realizing I was caught up in my thoughts, I had arrived at the Local Park. I pick a bench and sit down, catching up with my life and fixing my problems, while also drinking my Caramel Macchiato. After a couple rants about how I haven't had my first boyfriend yet, I see a kid sitting on a bench, crying. I go up to him and asked What's Wrong. He said he was lost, of course a 6-year-old won't know where his house is. Then something caught my eye. It was a bracelet the kid wore, which had a little note attached to it "If I'm lost, please call my Brother." followed by "(440) 444-9689" I then told the kid that everything will be okay and that I will take him home. I call the number and the Brother gave me their address. I hold the kids hand as I follow the directions the Brother told me, soon, we arrived at the kid's house. But before I knocked on the door, I told the kid to wait here and I call my Mom. When she didn't pick up, I sent her a text, telling her I'm safe, but brought a kid back to his home and won't be home for half an hour. I then proceed to knock on the door, and the brother answers it. As soon as the door opened, the kid jumped into his brother's arms. The brother looks around 18, and I don't see any parents around. "Hey! The name's Lyle. Thanks for finding my lil bro." he said. His voice was a little deep, but he still sounded like a preteen. "Uhh.. No Problem!" "And your name?" "Oh.. uh.. Chloe". After that little exchange, he invited me for Lunch, I then texted my Mom that I wouldn't be home for a while and accepted his offer. Before lunch, I got introduced to the rest of the people living in the house. "The kid you brought back to me, He's Alexan. Then we got my adopted brother, Zackary. He's kinda gay, so just deal with that. I'm happy to invite you into my home if you asked, too." Shocked, I tell him I didn't even know him, but he responded with "You brought back home family, meaning you cared about my Family. You might as well be part of that family too." blushing, we finally have lunch. Barbecued Pork with String beans. Pretty good, to be honest. After lunch, I needed to go back home to review what I studied. "Come back again! You have my number!" realizing I'm 'a part of his family' I respond with "But you don't have mine~" he was intrigued, but he agreed anyway, so I gave him my number. He hides it in his pocket, while re-adjusting Alexan in his arms. "You gonna stay the night?" He asks "You can whenever you want to!" I say I'll keep that in mind as my phone rings. "I need to take this, I'll be right back." It's my Mom. 21 voicemails. 3 missed calls. 5 texts. I accept Mom's call and listen.

"Chloe! Where are you? Are you safe? Please tell me you're oka--"

"Mom, stop worrying, I'm okay. I just found a lost kid and brought him back, then the big brother invited me to lunch."

"Chloe. Get Home. NOW."

"Mom. The big brother's my friend now. He also probably has my school books. Hold on, let me ask him."

I take my phone away from my ear and ask Lyle if he went to Buckingham High. "Duh, of course! It's the best highschool in Cleveland!" I turn away putting my phone back on my ear.

"He has the books here. I can study here. Please..?"

"Fine. Come home before Curfew.."

I hung up. Lyle's house is exactly 10 minutes away from mine, and if my curfew is 10pm, then I need to go 15 minutes before curfew, since I need a tea after this. Lyle leads me to his study room where a bookshelf labeled "9th Grade" catches my eye. Its filled with a couple of books. He leaves the room to leave me to study. I pretend to study, but I can't concentrate with everything crazy going on. My phone buzzes again. It's from Z, a random number I got found in school. We know each other in real life, but we don't know each others names. Z says its for the best. He always makes me feel better.

"Hey C. How've you been?"

"I'm pretty good. Studying in.. uh.. Lyle's place."

"Oh, okay. Still bummed out?"


I witnessed the murder of my best friend. Well, not "witness". It was of me in this white room, just watching her, dead, but somehow, she still looked alive. It's confusing. I just.. can't..

"Can you help me? I want to go home"

"Uhh.. Sure. Can you find a window?"

"Uhm.. Yeah, right in front of me."

"Okay. Open it and jump out."

"But he'll think that I was kidnapped or something."

"Leave a note."


"I'll see you at the park. Macchiatos on me."

"I love you, Z."

"I know"

I follow Z's advice and tear a piece of paper from one of Lyle's 5th grade books. I write him goodbye and make my way to the window. I open up the curtains and the window and jump out. I make my way out of the window and head to the park, It's been a while since I've hung out with Z.


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I know I keep editing the story, I just don't like the ending that I made. Oh well, I like the ending now and the episode is coming out soon! Zenn~


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