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Along Came Noah

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Along Came Noah

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Jersey Horizon

It was a Saturday in April and I just finished my homework for Aunt Haley and was sitting at my desk, reading a book that I picked up from the library across the street. The pages were yellow and torn, some of the ink was smeared and it seemed that the corner of the cover had been chewed off by a dog. There were food stains and crumbs in the spine of the book and whenever I saw a crumb I would flick it at Aunt Haley's weird looking cat, Ariel.

Ariel is a black cat with a white blotch covering head the shape of a circle. Her nose is wrinkled and she lost her tail when she was still an ally cat. Aunt Haley saw the ugly thing and got her fixed up. But she still is the ugliest cat I've ever seen. And I honestly I could care less about her and her nub for a tail.

But going back to my book; I know that this book is old and and torn and... Well, let's just face it, disgusting- It's my favorite book. And it seems to quiet the streets outside that are oh so noisy and full of awful sounds- all I can hear are horns of cars and people yelling at each other.

But I guess that's America for you.

But I guess it would be so noisy if my windows weren't open. The only reason why I have my window open is because our neighbor has flowers outside her apartment window and they smell so lovely that it reminds me of home.

Actually, our neighbor has so many flowers that birds of all sorts come to see them. And surprisingly, there aren't any bees or wasps. Just birds.

My favorite birds are the blue jays, and they come to see her flowers the most. Sometimes they'll perch on my window and it'll make me feel like a Disney princess.

I hear a knock at the door, but continue to look at the blue jays. I can't look at anyone right now because all I can think about is home and dad.

"Hey Mary," Aunt Haley said to me, walking in my room. My real name Isn't actually Mary, It's Payton. My Aunt, friends, and family member call me Mary though, which is my middle name.

"Oh, hey Aunt Haley," I respond, obviously sounding drained because she tilts her head and frowns.

"You okay kiddo?" She asks. Aunt Haley is always looking out for me, so I'm not surprised that she's worried.

"Meh- I've been better," I respond. Closing my book. I don't want to be talked to right now.

"It's a nice day outside, maybe we should take a walk to the park?" She suggests. Aunt Haley sits down on my bed while I continue to stare at the blue jays and the apartment across from ours.

"I'm fine. I need to finish my homework," I lied.

"Oh, well I'll leave you to it- But I don't think that you'll have much success, considering that the questions are already answered," I sighed. It was worth a try.

"Hey, remember when we went fishing at The Dock a few months ago? Wanna go today?" For the first time in a while, I looked at her.

I do remember. We had so much fun, it was when I was 14 and dad was still alive. We went to visit Aunt Haley and on the second day of our vacation here we went fishing at this chartering boats/bait/tackle place called The Dock. It was my first time fishing.

I took this idea into consideration. But I thought it would be nice to bring back good times.

"Yeah, that would be nice," I said, half smiling.

"Great! I'll pack our bags and we'll be on our way in a few minutes, you can get changed in the meantime," she replied, looking at my pajamas.


When Aunt Haley left, I shooed out Ariel from my room and changed into some shorts, a yellow t-shirt and I put my dark brown hair into a pony tail. I grabbed a sweatshirt and cap just in case it got chilly. I walked out of my room into the living room to find Aunt Haley dressed and ready with a bag packed with food.She is sitting on the couch next to the cat while she rubs her lower back.

"Ready?" She asked, standing up from the couch.

"Yep," I responded, ready to go and leave the dumb cat behind.

We put on our shoes and are out the door. We hopped into Aunt Haley's red sedan and drove off from our apartment. We were able to avoid traffic and arrived at The Dock's at 1:30 pm.

When we arrived, we went inside to make reservations and to get a place to fish on the dock-

-And before I continue, I'll give you the basic setup of The Dock. So, for starters, there is obviously this wide and long dock behind the actual shop that leads out into the Jersey river. And to be able to fish on the docks, you have to go inside the shop to get a reservation and a place. And once you do that, they give you get a ticket with a number on it, (ours is number 7,) and you show it the the people working on the dock and they let you on. You are handed fishing poles and bait and you're free to fish where ever you'd like. And there are mentors to help you fish if you need it.

After we reserved our spot on the dock, we were handed life jackets by a mentor and we were able to leave the shop. We handed a mentor our tickets and were handed our fishing poles and we were able to fish.

We hooked on the bait and casted out our line. The first catch was Haley's, it was a rockfish, but it was too small for us to keep. We didn't catch any fish for about another hour or so, I guess that the season was slow.

But then, I heard a voice behind me say, "might wanna check your bait, the worms might've gotten nibbled on by the fish," I turned around to see a boy. He was about my age, tall with light brown hair olive skin. He was wearing short khakis and a white t-shirt with a cap and rain jacket draped over his shoulders.

I didn't say anything in response, I only nodded my head. Aunt Haley thanked him and we both smiled. We pulled up our rods and changed the bait and threw the old ones back in the water. And the boy was right, almost as soon as we cast out our lines again, we started to catch fish. I was the first one to catch a fish with the new bait, I caught an 11 inch spot that was a lucky find because by the docks, you're most likely to find 6 inch rocks or 8 inch blues. But I was lucky enough to catch an 11 inch spot.

Aunt Haley and I kept on changing out our bait and catching more fish. Of course, the fishing was slow, but at least we would have something for dinner.

However, all the while Aunt Haley and I were fishing, I kept on exchanging glances from the boy and one of his friends. He was dressed like him, except he has ashy blonde hair and is taller. Once it reached 5:30, Aunt Haley and I packed up our things and signed out of The Dock.

"I'm going to use the restroom, be back in a sec," Aunt Haley said after signing out. I nodded my head and she scurried off.

While she did her business, I waited on the porch outside of the shop and sat down on a bench. There were a few employees that worked here that I saw leave, and I knew that the shop was probably closing up.

I wonder if that boy that helped me will come by to say hello? I thought to myself as I looked at the shops across the street that had a perfect view of the river.

And looking at the shops reminded me of Aunt Haley's apartment and how I could look out my bedroom window and see the distant view of the river. It looked so pretty as the sun set peacefully down on the horizon, making the sky turn from a light blue to pastel yellow and sherbet orange with a pink that somehow threw everything altogether and made it all astonishing.

As I am lost in my thought, I get caught off guard when I suddenly here a ding of a bell and turn to the door. And out walks the boy from The Dock.

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@Plural N.

Note: The Dock is not a real place, (that I know of.) It is just a random bait and tackle store that I made up. And I hoped you enjoyed this chapter. :D


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