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Anonymous thought process


Anonymous thought process

Broken clock,

and it was you who bent the dial back

seconds tick, marching soldier forward


bright colored sky and blood red lips

apply with stained fingers, sink your teeth in

do you like what you're seeing?


a disillusioned concert beneath the monotony of every day life

strife, stride,

make haste little one

do you know where you're going?

do I?

little watch makers, your lips are trembling

wipe away those tears from your eyes

tighten the tie around your neck

is that stain on your shirt? your soul, your life?

dirty monocle, rose colored glasses

today I will spread the ashes

one by one, the foot prints disappear into the mist

colored lights flash before my eyes

do you know where you are headed?

little wanderer of the broken clock land.

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