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Aphrodite's Blessing


Aphrodite's Blessing

Chapter 1

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I gritted my teeth then walked up to John. "John...I-I like you." John looked at me with cold eyes, "Ugh. I can't even imagine dating a boring girl like you." I flinched like I'd been stung then closed off my emotions, letting my face get stony, and walked away. The emotions would hit me later, when I was alone, but that's better than crying in front of him. I walked down a long, lonely road to my favorite place; the beach. I sat on the cold sand and stared at the waves. Someone sat next to me and I looked over. A woman was sitting next to me with golden hair and strange silky clothing made to accentuate every curve. She sat, looking at the ocean for a while then spoke, "You know, I was born out there. In the ocean." I stayed silent and looked at the waves again, letting my tears spill over. Something felt right about this, about crying about love in front of her. It was like I knew for a fact that she would know how to help me with these things. She wiped my tears away and looked at me, "Dear girl, I know how hard it is. I know how evil love can be. But love can also be beautiful. It is a fickle thing, turning into it's brother, Hate, in a split second. But once it has you in your grasp....Like the ocean, It can carry you away with its beauty and gentle care. There may be a tsunami that seems to tear everything down, but love will calm again and everything can be rebuilt. There will be waves before you get to the stillness of the ocean, but it is up to you to decide if these waves are your pleasure, or your pain. Sweet girl, would you like me to make you beautiful? Or would you like to tough it out with who you are? 'Tis your choice, both paths are rocky and full of both Brother Hate and Sister Love. But both are well worth it in the end." I sat in silence for a moment, "That was a really long speech." She laughed, "I like you. It's decided." She turned and her lips brushed my cheek, "I'll make you beautiful." She kissed me and I rose into the air surrounded by a soft pink glow. I felt my face growing red and I shouted at her, "That was my first kiss, you-" My vision was suddenly clouded by a bright white light. I couldn't feel or move my body and my body arched on its own. My hair turned golden brown and silky and caressed my shoulders in long waves, My eyes turned bright blue, my body turned slender with a large bust, my chubby fingers grew and thinned, my face lost the baby fat, my nose smoothed and tilted up, my lips became full and seductive, my clothes disappeared and were replaced with a knee-length white dress that tied around the neck. I once-again stood on my feet to face the woman who had suddenly changed her appearance. She had a body and lips to match mine, but her nose was straight, her eyes were green, and her hair was blond. She grinned at me, "I am now your twin sister, April, and your name is Aiko. Our family won the lottery and we now live in a large, beautiful, manor near our private beach. We transferred to Fae Academy and our first day of school is tomorrow." I stood there for a moment then shrugged, "Okay." And that was that.

The next day, I stood in my walk-in closet and sighed, "How am I supposed to choose from this ridiculous amount of clothing?" April glided in, opened a drawer, pulled out a pair of jeans full of holes, grabbed a flowy white crop top, leaned down and slid out a pair of black and white converse shoes, plopped the items in my arms, then glided out. I put everything on then she came back and put my hair in a ponytail. She clasped a sea shell necklace around my necklace and I rolled my eyes, "Lemme guess, If I take this off, I'll go back to how I was?" She sighed at me, "No, it just looks pretty. The change is irreversible." I laughed, "Well, that's one way to do it." She walked out and called over her shoulder, "Next time you need help, just come get me. My room is right next to yours. Anyway, I came to tell you to get breakfast because we have to leave soon. I walked down to the kitchen and grabbed a banana, "Isn't the school literally right next door? Why are we rushing?" She ate a granola bar, I hate those things, "We need to memorize the layout of the school so we never embarrass ourselves by getting lost." "I feel like by 'we', you mean, 'Aiko'." She winked and we headed out. The school was surprisingly large and complicated so I'm glad she did this. She had also made sure we had every class together, which annoyed me but whatever. As the students streamed in, we kept getting stares. One tall guy with dark brown hair grabbed me by he waist and brought me against him, "Hey, Love, you new here?" I buried my elbow in his gut and bounced away. I gave him a sweet smile as he bent over, trying to regain his breath, "Yup. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get to class." April's shoulders shook with silent laughter as we walked to our class and I rubbed my elbow, "Were his abs made of steel?" She broke out into full-on laughter. There were two seats by the window overlooking the ocean, one was empty, and one was taken by another guy. I sat in the empty seat. April bent over the poor boy's desk, filling his vision with cleavage, brought a finger to his chin, brought his face up to meet his gaze, and said, "Can I have your seat?" He nodded quickly and fled to the back of the room, face red. April sat in her new seat, full of triumph, and I rolled my eyes. And so my day began.

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