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Before Earth- Chapter One

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Before Earth- Chapter One

'Can anyone find Rogue, please.' Evelyn said in the microphone. She was a woman of twenty-five with electric blue eyes and pale skin. Anyone who'd look into her eyes would instantly fall in love with her.

'Really, do you want to talk to that brown one when all she can do is find faults in...LITERALLY EVERYTHING.' Xander said.

'That's kinda racist and would you calm down?' Eve said still looking for Rogue.

'Evelyn Darby? Evelyn? Ahhh, darling. Beautiful landing, my dear-' Ksenia Rogue cheered as she entered the Main Division.

'Beautiful landing? She nuts?' Xander whispered into Reverie's ear.

'Wait for it. Wait-' Rev's response was cut off by Rogue's screech.

'WHAT DO YOU THINK BY FLYING THE SHIP LIKE THAT, HUH? WOMAN, YOU COULD HAVE KILLED EVERY LIVING SOUL ON THIS SHIP-' Ksenia continued her screaming at Eve who had her eyes wide open. After a minute or so, Ksenia left, leaving everyone to sigh in relief.

'What just happened?' Eve said blinking continuously.

'I really want to kill the FN to put this old, cranky woman as our head,' Hayden mumbled.

'She isn't old. She's forty- two?' Eve raised her eyebrow.

'Still old.'

'Anybody hurt?' a sweet womanly voice came from the door.

'Oh my-,' the new woman spoke directing herself to Eve, '-You're badly hurt, Evelyn. Let me do some first aid.

'It's fine, Rykers. A captain must be strong-'

'Can't she take the first aid? Really, sometimes I feel like killing her when she acts all bossy,' Xander whispered to Portia who was nodding her head in agreement.

'Heard that. Saw that, too' Eve smirked.

'So, Rykers... Have you done your first aid?' Evelyn asked concerned.

'Well, yes. And call me Karen-'

'Karen Rykers. Nice name.'

'Thanks. Arm?'


'I thought we were going outside,' Portia said walking towards Eve's workplace.

'Yes, yes we are. Just some bandages and all.'

'Ahhh. I'll be outside-'

'Put on that suit,' Eve insisted.

'Actually, one of the crew members was thrown outside during the crash. We thought he died but-' Reverie said looking through the window.

'Ok. Weird, weird, WEIRD!' Eve said.

'AI, you.... working?' Hayden called out.

'Of course, I am.'

'I'd like a scan of this particular region and of any form of life, right now,' Hayden ordered.

'Yes, sir.'

'Hey, you! I'm the captain here. I am "sir",' Eve said bossily.

'Yes, ma'am.'

'Bloody sexist,' Eve pouted.

'Can we scoot ourselves out and do some exploration?' Terence asked.

'Scan complete. Results in hardcopy.'

'Oh, I love this woman.' Eve said smiling and running her fingers through the hard copies.

'I am not a woman. I was made to have a woman's voice. My gender is neutral. I'm a machine.'

'Yay, AI. Good for you. I'm so happy for you,' Eve's tone was hinting a tiny bit of annoyance.

'That, my lady, is not very human of you. This proves you do not have any emotions for me.'

'First, stop with the accent. Second, YOU ARE A FREAKING MACHINE.'

'Can we get out?-' Eve was at the boiling point of annoyance, '-And you complete the scan.'

'Yes, Ma'am.'





The group of twenty squinted at the light outside. It took a little time for their eyes to adjust to the brightness.

(Reverie Jaide)

A cool breeze flowed swiftly through the thin strands of her hair. Her eyes green as the trees present on her planet, Tessella. Hadn't she missed her home? Flying in a space ship with people whom she had met only two years and her heart fluttering around Alexander. Her soul felt like it was dying when he was too far away from her. Had he had the same feelings which she had? She was never able to find out during her thirteen months on the ship.

Her thoughts were on the verge of getting lost when the doctor reminded where she was.

'Rev, you okay?' She asked.

'Karen! Yes, yes, I am alright. This looks so much like home. I-I ca-can't,' Tears flowed along Reverie's rosy cheeks.

'Hey, hey. I know. I think this is where we were supposed to come-' Karen said trying to console her.

'-But the journey. It was- I thought we wouldn't survive. Die in the universe-' Rev's eyes overflooding with tears.

Karen was dressing her wound which was on her head. Rev was sitting on a rock looking at Alex.

His body, well built. That blond hair flying in the breeze. He ran his hand through his hair to keep it in its place but messed it up more. He looked around; the light brown eyes searching for something. He smiled at Rev and turned back to talk to Eve and Hayden.

Damn, Rev thought and looked away to see Terence walking towards her and Karen, clutching papers tightly and his eyes gradually becoming watery.

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