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Before Earth- Prologue One

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Before Earth- Prologue One

Chapter 1


'Pull the lever up, Evelyn.'

'I can't Mr. Co-Pilot. Help me, it's not moving.'

'Engine one may have some repairs. It should be repaired as soon as possible.'

'I'll take it.'

'Thank you, Portia.'

'Terence, temperatures?'

'Fifty-three and rising, Hayden.'

'Can you pull it up?'

'I told you, it is not moving.'

'Temperatures rising. Entering the atmosphere.'

'This thing has an atmosphere?'


'Reaching the surface. Seven hundred kilometres.'

'Let us all say our prayers.'

'Shut your bloody mouth, Rev. No one is dying. You should be updating the conditions of the Engines, ya know.'

'What do you think I'm doing? Ugh. Something just hit Engine two. It's failing. Three is almost out of fuel.'

'Four fifty kilometres.'

'Which engine is even working properly?'

'Engine four and five. If one's restored, we'll be alive.'

'Ah, finally. This thing moved. Wh-why isn't the ship getting controlled?'

'Engine one, darling. Doesn't get restored on time, we might-'

'Two fifty kilometres.'

'Come on, Portia.'

'One fifty kilometres.'

'Oh, come on.'

'One hundred kilometres.'

'Umm. Temperatures rising to sixty-five.'

'Oh boy-'

'Fifty kilometres.'

'Engine one restored.'

'Pull! Pull! Pull!'

'Ten kilometres.'

'Forget it. Get ready for a bumpy landing, people.'

'Successfully landed on the surface.'

'Successfully, my foot!'

'We're still alive, Xander. Chill. Is Portia back?'

'Yup, I am. Anyone dead?'

'Unfortunately, no.'

Portia let out a small giggle.

'Get your bugging asses up, now. We are exploring this planet. Looks so much like...'

'Home, Eve. Looks like Tessella.'

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