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Begin Again


Begin Again

Chapter 1

by 113337867665237082236 Amavi 1 min.


This story is based on my own experience. Half of this story is my reality. Some scenes are based on real experience and my life story. I can say that the main character is my girl counterpart. And the guy character a counterpart of someone I've met in the past. On the same occasion Perry met Cedrick.

Everything about the characters that are mentioned on this story is what and who they really are in real life. In short, Perry, Cedrick, Mike and all others are real people. I just came up with aliases so as to hide their identities.

Some scenes are based on actual events and the places mentioned do exist.

This is the story of my life. This is a story about me learning how to love, getting my heart broken and having someone who changed my every perspective. Someone who showed me the way back to love.

So laugh, be happy and always keep in mind that the best is yet to come. Just be patient. :)

Enjoy reading! ♥♥♥


P.S. This story hasn't been proofread. Grammatical errors and mispelling will be revised once edited.

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