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Being Next to You Prologue

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Being Next to You Prologue

Do you know how it feels when you make a confession? Especially your first?

Anxious, riled, goosey, tense like you want to throw up-- worst than performing on a large stage where all eyes are set on you.

Particularly, when you are the kind of person that who is scared and shy all the time because of thinking what the others are thinking, so even just having the courage to voice out is impossible. And considering the person I am, I do not voice out my thoughts.

Unlike times where I step my foot in the library, where I set off my adventures in books and books and plenty more books...

And the person sleeping in my favorite spot.

I like him, I admire him, and I am satisfied, just watching him reading at the library with the books I don't expect him to read. .

We are nothing but strangers that study at the same high school.

He doesn't know anything about me and so do I.

I admire him from afar, and that's the end of my unrequited story.


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Akira Terashima


First time to write a love story and this is my first time to share it to a different cite. It would be an honor for you to like and comment about my story. I also make my own illustrations for my characters, you are free to make suggestions; it's accepted, and also questions. Thank you very much.


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