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Black Coffee ( HORROR)

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Black Coffee ( HORROR)

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A young girl was babysitting for her neighbor. The baby was upstairs in its crib, and she was on the sofa downstairs watching TV. It was all quiet and normal until the ring of the home telephone broke the silence.

As she hesitantly picked it up and put her ear to the phone, she heard a man’s cold, deep voice. Black coffee, black coffee, check your baby, check your baby.The girl put down the phone passing it as a prank call in attempt to scare her.However, just to be sure, she went upstairs to the baby’s room to see if he was okay. The baby was fine so she went back downstairs and watched TV.

After about 40 minutes, the phone rang again. She picked it up as she had done before and a man once again spoke to her through the phone. Black coffee, black coffee, check your baby, check your baby.The girl went over to the front of the window, pulled the curtains and scanned the streets.No one was there.

Beginning to get frightened, the girl went up the stairs to check on the baby.Again, it was fine.

After about half an hour the phone rang once again, the girl picked it up and waited for the man to speak.Black coffee, black coffee, check your baby, check your baby, I’m at your door.

The girl ran to the door and picked up a cane.The girl looked through the keyhole of the door but no one was there.The girl ran up the stairs and the baby was gone. She heard a creak in the closet and stabbed through the closet with the cane.As the girl opened the closet, her body froze. The baby was hanging from one of the hangers bleeding black coffee.

The girl stormed down the stairs in shock praying that it was all a dream.“Wake up, wake up!” the girl shouted.Black coffee, black coffee, black coffee.

“Get out of my head” the girl screams but the voice only got louder.Black coffee, black coffee black coffee, I’m behind you. The girls screams before running up the stairs to the baby’s room.

The girl heard a baby crying, and a smile made her way to her lips.

It was all in her head.

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