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Chapter 1


Pt 1

I killed my father and I don't regret a thing about it. There was a time when our relationship was great, but it deteriorated when my mother died, and he became an alcoholic. He always came home drunk, dragged me to his room, pushed me against the wall and beated me up for no particular reason. I don't give a damn about him.

I was told my mother died of a disease, but I know that's not even close to the truth. My father killed her and he would have killed me too if I didn't kill him first. Now, in the village, everyone stared at me with cold eyes full of hatred. They feared me since I was seen as a murderer. I lost everyone's confidence, nobody believes me or helps me... People never notice anything, they're so hypocritical. They didn't seem to notice my bruises. They didn't seem to notice I was the one working at a tea shop while the bastard of my father wasted our money on whiskey. They didn't seem to notice how lonely I was. They are cold hearted human beings. But I don't need them, in fact, I don't need anyone because I'm better off alone.

------------------------------------------------------------------I'm lost. I have no idea where I am. I've been running for days. I have tried to steal food but every time I got caught somehow and i had to run and hide in the nearest dump. I couldn't live this way anymore. I couldn't take it any longer.

As i walked by the street, my body felt unsteady. Sweat began dripping down my face, I started feeling nauseous and seeing dark spots in front of my eyes. I couldn't breathe normally, and as I suffocated i suddenly collapsed to the ground.

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