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Chapter 1

by User avatar 1518282596 Raine 1 min. I'm new here and this is my first story here. Caution:- My stories explore the dark side of human beings. I hope you'll like this. It doesn't involve any violence.


She returned home, her frail, fragile and tired body swaying dangerously. Her eyes, bloodshot, implied that she was crying. As she entered her bedroom, she saw HIM. She reached out to hug HIM, her eyes widened, life blood oozing out of her system as crystal tears. Suddenly, she saw a tunnel. A light of hope. She climbed up to the glass chandelier, shackles making a ghostly music. Her slim and fair feet danced in the ghostly rhythm. Oh how madly they danced! He looked spellbound, awaiting the right moment to touch her. Her heart moved in an insane, unknown joy as a haunted piano tune like laughter escaped out from her throat. She danced, her frail heartstrings threatening to tear, her weak breathing coming near as he touched her. She succumbed to his frighteningly soothing embrace, as her only friend Death enveloped his long arms around her, dissolving her into an eternal sleep, as the rope which held her neck swayed in an unknown rhythm, relishing her last dance of death.

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Hi I'm Raine! Nice to meet you. BTW Raine is not my real name, its my pen name.


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