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Clarity of the Anger


Clarity of the Anger

I stand before you,

fists balled and heart heavy

tears fall like raindrops on the window pane

and strings tug the puppet in me further and further away

cut the apron strings, hang up the phone already

you're not there any more and I'm finally standing steady

I walk like a soldier, swagger like a gangster

kick it with the strangers and finally understand the meaning of being alone,

do you believe in dreamers?

the stars died last night and I cracked my perspective in the telescope

tell me that you know the ending and the final message

I'm telling you kid, it's nothing easy but you can get there

and let me know when you find the final destination

as you climb so very far up the mountain top

I'm no longer angry, I just found my clarity

give up and give in to the vices,

but let yourself never fall short of your memories

let me know when you get there

and I'll guide you from there


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Mimi @mimidey
Excellent piece of work. Well done :)
Danielle @daniellewillard

Thank you again!

Mimi @mimidey
Excellent piece of work. Well done :)