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Clock worth x ticcitobbi chapter 1

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Clock worth x ticcitobbi chapter 1

Chapter 1

( guys this is my first don't judge me to hard plz so your playing as clock worth its when you just turn to clock worth ) They got what they deserve my house was burning and I was happy but I knew someone was watching me. " who is there! " clock worth said . " oh fudge I got sported " a high pich unknown voice . as you see a boy in a hoodie jeans and orange goggles . "That is the most ridiculous outfit I have ever seen " clock worth said . " don't be mad cuz your jealous " unknown said . "suree " clock worth said with a sarcastic voice . " soo why are you stalking me? " clock worth said . " well I was kinda here cuz for some reason slender man wants you to join him " unknown voice said. " okay were is it " clock worth said ' In the woods " unknown voice said . " so you think I will go in the woods with you a stranger " clock worth said . " yessss " unknown said . " your real that of a Moran " clock worth said . " If I give you waffles will you come " unknown voice said . "deal " clock worth said . before we go to are adventure my names Toby ticci toby "Toby said . we start going in the woods " soooo whats you story " toby asked . It all started by a person name non-a " clock worth said . " non-a what " Toby said. " Non-a businesses" clock worth said with anger . " sorry sorry I just want to have some side conversation" Toby said . soon I came to an hour of walking " so are you from tenn--- ". "I'm from Colorado " clock worth ask . " you didn't even know what I was going to ask " Toby said . " than what were you going ask " clock worth said . " ugh never mind " . after a couple of minutes we were there as Toby went up to the door and knocked as hard as he could . " SALLY OPEN THE DOOR " Toby said " give me two reasons " sally said . " If you don't let me in I'll burn all your stuff animals" Toby said . " okay okay come in " . As we walked in the place was huge " whoa it huge " . " hehehe that's what she said ". Toby said. "what !" clock worth said . " nothing" toby said . yeah that's what I thought " clock worth said. soon I saw a person with a knife white skin and black hair creepy smile with a smile and many more. " ah you must be the new kid on the block my names Jeff how can I help you my lady " jeff said as he winked at me . " sorry but shes taken " Toby said . " you sure a bout that " Jeff said . soon they got in to a fight . " don't worry a bout the boy's they all ways do that by the way I'm lulu and that bloody painter thats sally you have all ready met theres hoodie eyeless jack masky smile dog slenderman and bloody painter " lulu said . "so whats your story " lulu said . " I realy don't want to tell sorry " clock worth said . " so your going let her pest for asking you to tell your story but not me wow sexist " Toby said . " Do you want a knuckle sandwich " . clock worth said does it have any mayonnaise cuz am allergic " . " every time I look at you I just want to punch you in the face " clock worth said. " and every time I look at you I never want to take my eyes of " toby said .. " you are gross" clock worth said . " its called romantic dear " Toby said . " EVERYONE IT IS TIME FOR LUNCH " lulu said . " so do know that slender man makes fanfics that's why every ones sits like this" lulu said . " No way prove it " clock worth said . " why do you think that he has so many books . " good point " clock worth said . " Lulu are talking about me " slender man said . " me no I would never " lulu said . " so are you from Colorado " Toby said ". Know I'm from Tennessee " clock worth said . " come on " Toby said . " Well it time to sleep now clock worth your bed room is with Toby Jeff and lulu " slender man said . " great I'm with dreamy eyes " clock worth mummer with anger . " whats that clock worth " slender man said. " oh noth don't worry " clock worth said . " okay than after a couple hours of sleeping group A Toby clock worth sally lulu and Jeff will protect the woods and be saperrated by two clock worth your partner is Toby every one else you will get a paper that person on the paper will have location and everthing you need take them out and you know assassinate then good luck to all . the sleep went by fast and soon it was time. Chapter one done

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