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Curse Or A Gift


Curse Or A Gift

Chapter 1

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It was her destiny to meet him….

Her parents past would be revealed…

Will she ever accept the truth that it was meant to be like this….



It's every girls dream or heart’s desire to look gorgeous or beautiful so that someone notice them, love them, talk to them and even be friends with them.

But I don't know why, it just sucks for me. I always thought myself as a pretty little thing but the truth just makes my life feel a lot, like hell. I have never understood the real reason people stared at me but they had always got along with me easily.

When, in my previous school I had Julie who was my only closest friend and who also was the most comfortable person with me when people stared at me. She never felt I was a creep but instead she talked about those adorable -looks that people gave me, which had always brought me edge.

She had laughed at me saying "How on the earth!!!!! Don’t you know that you look like a hot, badass chick that people crave for your attention!!" When I gave her a look that said 'have you grown two heads' she had smiled and said "Man...I am sure that if you had the ability to read everyone's mind you would know that the girls are just jealous of you and the boys have the hots for you."

Yep I knew that I have distinct features like my natural dark blue eyes with black wavy hair that too with bangs, fair skin, cute little dimples, 5’9" with 58 kg weight and a slim figure. For them I was model kind of girl. But I wanted to be an average girl with average concerns in her life.

This is like never truly possible in my life. As my biological parents died when I was too young so I don't remember their faces properly. I only have the knowledge that I have got same blue eyes of my mom's and cute little dimples from my dad.

This information was also told to me by one and only one relative that I know of ‘Uncle John' with whom I live with. He has seen me as his daughter so he is always protective about me and without any hesitation provides me with any help I need.

This year, I was shifting with him into a new place where I would start my senior year. Now I am sitting in the car with an overwhelming desire to have a normal life while I saw young trees speeding past, the clear blue sky with a bright yellow sun.

I have always been a kind of girl who didn't like to attract any attention towards her. I tried to relax myself by breathing in and out slowly. By then Uncle John slowed down the car and came to a halt.

I peeked out of the car's window to see a beautiful house in front of me. So this is where I was gonna live.

I stepped out of the car and took a deep calming breath and started walking towards the trunk to pick my bags.


Hi guys this is a new story I am starting,I just got an amazing plot so I just jotted it down. It seems to come out as an amazing story so I planned to post it hope you all will like it.

I would update this story every Wednesday till then please share your valuable comments

What do you think will happen next?




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