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Dance It Out


Dance It Out

Chapter 1

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Our van came to a stop and we climbed down it. Covering my face with this suffocating golden mask I took a deep breath and muttered. " Let's do this. "

Smothering the wrinkles on my yellow bee like costume, I strutted towards the enterence with my team mates in toe. Although six of these duffus are leaving us but they still decided to help us for the auditions. In total we are twelve members. Lee, Jake, Audrey, Jordan and Alex will be staying and Gabe, Monica, Xavier, Olexander, Alexia and Lilly will be going off to their colleges. And as for me I'm Carmina Zoella Cantatio, the so called 'leader' of this group.

It took a lot of convincing and decomposition of my dignity to let the principal allow us to do the selections this way.

We walked into the reception where two of my friends: Lee and Jake went towards the announcement room, to play the music. As our classes approached I started pointing out classes and two of our team mates would stand outside the class like buff bodyguards. People were giving us weird and confused glance. Taking a shaky, deep breath I switched on my Bluetooth earpiece and stood outside my class."Go." Boomed Lee's voice through the device and then we started our show.

Slamming the door open I stepped inside the class. Now I had everyone's attention. Freaking hawks.I gave them an innocent smile and said," Oops.. " Let the show begin.


Warning ⚠

If anyone trys to copy my work (I really don't know why you would but like they say, caution is better than cure) it won't take time for me to track you down and go all Jacky Chan on your asses. You've been warned, I'm a black belt. If at any point of time that this book is not your thing, just share and delete it from your page.

One reader less is better than one hater more.

I do not appreciate haters but I do not dislike them either. They help you in becoming a better person.

It's just the rude people I don't like. Market love.

I sometimes think that it's my responsibility to make people laugh because you can't just ignore the feeling of accomplishment.

I hope you'd like to experience this as well.

Compliment someone, make them smile. Appreciate them, their existence.

Be it your mother, father, family, teacher, friend or an acquaintance.



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I think this is a nice story... The plot is interesting although quite short but I guess you'll be continuing this with another chapter?
Sol @Sm;)e

Glad to know you like my story. I will be continuing this with another chapter. This was just an See more