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Dark Desires


Dark Desires

Why I'm I even getting this type of feelings. It feels so real that it can't be unreal. How I wish I had this feelings towards someone who could be a real person!!! I can't just end up being hurt if this is not real. But I can't have feelings for any other person. As messed up as it can ever get I don't feel the same feelings towards the person who had loved me since we were kids.

In no way I can have him. He is deadly awesome like a fairytale prince which makes me rethink my thoughts like "Whether a person as heavenly and angelic as him would ever be real?"

My love for him is so irrational, unconditional and irrevocable. His chocolate brown eyes are pools which I ached to get lost in...


Katherine Hayden was a normal girl until she finds herself spending time with a handsome teen every night in her dream (or whatever). She convinces herself that the teen is real and is living in some part of the world. Little did she know that her mother has her as a key to make her business even more successful by trying to marry her to a young entrepreneur named Jasper?

But she holds no interest to any other person other than her dream angel and she wants to find a way to spend the rest of her life with him.

Is that even possible?

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