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Its a short story that I wrote somewhere in the past. I'll publish it as my first post here....

His body lay lifeless in the wooden coffin decorated with daffodils

placed in the ground, his last rites being performed by his parents.

There was a cool breeze blowing around the place and the whole place

smelt nice, a perfect romantic weather just the way he wanted when

he was alive. He had plans of being happy and successful. He wanted

to triumph every milestone of his life with his parents in the lead

with their chests heaving with the best feeling of pride for him

and there she was just right behind them smiling pleasantly, happy of

what HER boy have achieved. Where was she now? In the hospital

bed…..Unconscious because of the effect the anaesthesia which was

injected in her body moments before he closed his eyes forever. Their

life would have been completely plain just like any couple if the

medics haven’t discovered that she has a disease,…Something related

with heart…something very dangerous and something life taking. When

she woke up she didn’t open her eyes just to wake up to him happily

and scream with joy that they can be living happily ever after as she

have found a donor who was willingly giving her his heart to live…

But when she woke up he wasn’t there. Everyone….her parents,

friends, doctors and even his parents were there when she woke up…but

where was he?...She asked this question to everyone but Maybe everyone

were so happy with her waking up and being cured that they just let

that question slide off. “WHERE IS HE?” She screamed louder enough to

make every happy face in the room turn pale in sadness. Her mother was

the first to break down which followed everyone in the room breaking

down one after another except his mother. She walked up to her

with a pleasant smile and touched her chest. “He will always be with

you now…” There were traces of tears in his mother’s eyes but

suddenly she lit up with a smile “Stop Crying everyone…This isn’t

the way he wanted us to greet her when she wakes up….Stop crying

or off you go everyone out of this room….” His mother touched her hair

and kissed her forehead and slipped a paper in her hand and whispered

“In you My Son will be always with you….” As soon as she said this

she ran out of the room, crying as louder as she can. She didn’t get

what was happening. Deep down she was angry “How careless of him to

not visit me today….” She thought and she looked at the piece of

paper that his mother gave to her… “What’s this..” She thought as she

unfolded the piece of paper. She began to read it as her eyes

began to fill with tears, her lips shivering and her heart aching but

she didn’t cry instead she smiled even with the knowledge that she

will be alone without him forever “He wanted me to live happily and

I’ll……He will always be with me….” She smiled still teary and his

heart started to beat softly inside her…

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