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Draft - 2017-11-07


Draft - 2017-11-07

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Chapter 1

A long time ago, the world used to be a beautiful place full of lush green forests and tall snowy mountains. Now that the nukes have descended upon our planet, there is no longer any green forest, or mountains. All of that is gone now, and I will tell you how it has come to be.

In the year of 2036, a young girl named Faith Lavendra was born on a cloudy November night near 4:00 a.m in the morning in a hospital in the town. After the years of being raised in a dilapidated home in southern California, her parents decided to move her to Canada, where WW3 began to take place and cover the land in a great amount of depression.

"Mother, when will father return?" Faith looked at her mother with worry splashing in her eyes. Faith's mother looked up from cleaning the dishes and replied softly, "Faith, we've talked about this already, your father will be back after the next 7 years..." Tears began to fill her eyes and Faith looked to the cold dirt floor. " Mother..." She began. "Do you think father is alright in the war..?" Mrs. Lavendra closed her eyes and the tears in her eyes rolled down her cheeks.


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