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Draft - 2018-03-08


Draft - 2018-03-08

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Reading this word or writing it, opens a pandora box, in which there are lots and lots of treasured memories.Memories of that place where innocence exists, innocence of believing 'always and forever' of togetherness.Place there were not a penny of wicked thoughts, no enmity, where always there exists a nature of caring, loving, fun, happy, selflessness, sacrifice without regression just to see a smile on others' face.Innocently accepting a mistake and geniunely ask for forgiveness and had known meaning of so sorry.Love of friends, Value of teacher, feeling of oneness and feeling of protection towards each other, where a land of only happiness and love exist and that were only spread, no grudges and leaving a simple life but now also some of us may be still like that but the majority of people around us mostly knowingly create a wade in our path, eventhough we don't let them to affect us. But seeing a tears or disappearance of hope they feel immense happiness.Now a times, people puke in others' life, create a storm and disappear like nothing has happened, leaving the torn , worn out and broken person behind, and will never have a glance at them because they have already created a whirlpoool of emotions for that person.Sometimes unknowingly person enter in one's pace with a hidden mask, that is stick like a glue and had a recording of fake emtions, which one can't pause or stopped only one can have replay of it.Why human is only becoming enmity of other human. Has humanity is forgotten or it has disappeared like a drop of vinegar in an ocean or we need to have open a pandora box of treasured memories, just to see our left behind soul where actual our eyes reflect our pure happiness. Be kind. Be human.

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