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Dragonball z: Human saga Part one


Dragonball z: Human saga Part one

Chapter 1

by 100887281411601244767 Sean Chen 2 mins.

It first began when I was 14 years old. That day, my life changed. I was walking down the street when a hooded man grabbed me. I was terrified. But before the man could actually hurt me, he looked down and I saw his jaw drop. I looked down as well and saw what he was looking at: a glowing white light in me open palm. Suddenly, the man flew backwards and hit the wall. I was as surprised as him but quickly took action. I ran away as fast as I could.

20 years later...

" whelp, let's get this over with..." I said to my opponent. He threw his fist at me, and before he knew what happened, I caught it and flipped him over. '' I swear if i have to fight one more of these sort of people I am gonna THROW myself out the ring..." " Whelp, might as well call it a day." As i walked out the building, I had a thought,"Maybe there isn't anyone of EARTH that can challenge me... Maybe something that's NOT from earth can..." A year later...

I have the answer to the problem. I found out there are a few members of an alien race called the Saiyans live on Earth. If I can contact them in some way, I might be finally faced with a challenge. (another) year later...

So, a few things happened that was extremely weird.

I heard a legend about something called a "Kai" and decided to check it out. After trying for a month and a half, it worked. I met a Kai named King Kai, and it turns out, he's actually one of the lower ranking Kai. He decided to train me, and within months, I figured out how to use the King Kai Fist. He taught me a few techniques, like the spirit bomb. Then one day, I asked him if he knew what a "Saiyan" was. He told me he had been training one the whole time, though he was already more powerful than him. I asked if I could fight him, and King Kai said "no". So here I am, finally facing Son Goku. This is when things got a LITTLE crazy, because, number one, he started screaming his head off. Then, lightning bolts came shooting from the sky. King Kai hid in his house. After that, Goku's hair changed gold. I was so shocked by this, I didn't react until he threw his fist right at my face. It missed by a centimeter, and I took the time to use the King Kai Fist. I landed a hit on the side of his face, and got knocked flat by an uppercut from Goku.

"What kind of power does this guy even have?" I thought.

-end of part one.

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