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Dredd x Elite x Reader

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Dredd x Elite x Reader

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It was a cold winter night in Seoul.....

The wind was howling, as you wake up and hop into your Fuze suit. You have to go to your Siege cosplay contest!

"Wait... it's 7:43! The contest is at 8:00! I'm going to miss the contest!!!" you think to yourself.

You bolt out of the door, and rush to get to the convention.


You make it. Barely. As you arrive, you see two young guys, one in a Tachanka outfit, and one in a Glaz outfit. You approach them. They see you, and begin conversation.

"Hello?", Glaz and Tachanka reply.

"Yes! I was wondering if you two would like to hang out with me..." you say.

They identify themselves. Glaz is "Elite" and Tachanka is "Dredd".

You start to feel your hormones kick in. You feel... attracted to them. After hours of conversation, they take you to their house.

You see them undressing, and do the same.

Dredd mounts over Elite, and pounds him. You watch.

"C-come on! J-join i-in!", Elite says. You do. Dredd goes to pound your ass, and Elite goes to fuck up your mouth.

This continues on for... 5 hours...

"Oh... My LMG is mounted! Loading it!", Dredd shouts.

"Throwing a smoke!", Elite whimpers.

They both cum with the force of a thousand suns.

Lol this is the fucking end ecks dee


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