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Everybody cries, sometimes...


Everybody cries, sometimes...



His voice faded away as Natsu passed the bathroom door. Lucy had been sitting on the toilet lid for about 3 hours now, forcing herself not to cry even though she was on the brink of tears.

"No, never again!" She whispered sternly. She had already sworn never to cry, ever.

"LUCY!!!" Natsu shouted again, scaring the tears away from Lucy's eyes.

"Oh fuck!" She gasped in shock. "For God's sake, Natsu, shut up! I'm in here." She mumbled from the bathroom cubicle. Footsteps. Feet. Face.

"What on earth are you doing there? I have been looking everywhere for you, Luce!" Natsu always looked out for Lucy. She didn't mind; who would? A good-looking guy looking after you? Grinning at you when you're feeling down? Making you blush when your feeling un-wanted? Plus, he was a package deal, he even had the humour; and Lucy loved him, all of him. If only she had the guts to ask him out.

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John @johnscammell
Good beginning but keep away from the F word
Syndi @Syndi
I'd like to see what will happen next :)
ThatTurquoiseGirl @vandanajain
Ahh, I love fairytale! Can't wait to see where this goes!
Syndi @Syndi
So far, so good! Keep it coming
Lanceykee @Lanceykee
When are you going to update
Lanceykee @Lanceykee
Love it <3 great start
Sam @Sammy
Damn, this is guuuddd! :)