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Fan art of Mystic Messenger #1(part one)

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Fan art of Mystic Messenger #1(part one)

by 105467058150606882782 Gaming Kitty 1 min.

Lily:sup guys!

Itzel: hello Lily

Saeran: hello?

Jumin: what are you guys doing here

707: oh heya!

707: lololol

Lexi: Hai

Itzel: hmmm not sure what are you doing?

Jumin: nothing

Yoosung: forgot to say hi

Yoosung: to everyone

Itzel: hi

Jahee: Mr. Han if your not busy then can you plz finish your work

Itzel: oh hey jahee

Jumin: fine, take the day off

Jahee: thank you sir

*Jumin left the chatroom*

Zen: hi everyone, jahee occupied with work I see poor you

Jahee: yea but, got da day off now

Zen: well you were lucky

Lily: guys i'm bored come to my place

Itzel: every one?

Lily: and lets order pizza, watch a movie, and play t or d

Lily: yea EVERYONE

Lexi: ok i'm down for dat

Saeran: sure

Jahee: I guess i'll go to

Itzel: yeah!

Yoosung: i'm gonna pass i'm bad with scary movies

Itzel: hehe poor yoosung

Lexi: awww come on

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Hai everyone i'm Gaming kitty and this is just part of the story, I got this idea by just playing with it on Snapchat with my friend and got caried away so we made it a story hahahahahahaha so hope you enjoy it >////<


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