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first love


first love

Chapter 1

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lots of people think that they are in love with their significant other, but are they really? yea you might get butterflies when he brushes your cheek lightly with the back of his hand or your heart might skip a beat when she gently bites her bottom lip but is it really love. lots of times people mistake love for lust because they have never had love before. lust is empty but love is full.... it is eternal and it never wavers. that first love is undeniable. lust dies ... love doesn't love is everlasting its honest and pure. it will drive you crazy and make you feel so safe and sound at the same time.

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just some quick thoughts... i don't know if this is something ya'll like... just comment and let me know, i would like to do more... i would love to do some suggestions, anything is welcome. love youuuuuuuuu :*


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