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Free for All

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Free for All

Chapter 1


It was the year 1977.

Mankind’s first “secret” contact with extraterrestrial life is successful. They are greeted with open arms by delegates of the alien races who inhabit the planets within the Solar System. They are joined by “the Spectrum”, an ancient intergalactic alliance, formed from the last of their kind, who have been attracted to our message.


With some help from these beings from far beyond our world, and a “reliable force”. Mankind achieves one of its most fore sought goals. The goal of space travel. Therefore, opening a new chapter in their history.

However, it is not without consequence.

21st of June, 2004.

Intergalactic extremists attacked Earth via a sizable planetary invasion force. Despite pushing them back, the assault caused a devastation unlike anything ever seen before. Sources say that these “invaders” came from Mars, a planet currently engaged in civil war.

In response to these attacks, world leaders assemble the United Nations Galactic and Aerospace Coalition, a joint military organization comprised of the individual countries of the United Nations’ fighting forces assigned as the Earth’s line of defense against the “next intergalactic invasion”.

Early 2005.

The UNGAC’s baptism of fire began on Mars, against the ones responsible for the “Crimson Fall invasion”. After three more years of fighting, the war ends with a victory for the Martians, along with their human allies.

The year is now 2011.

An uneasy truce stands between the Martian Federation, and their enemies, the Karov Confederacy.

With the Federation’s help, there are now 40,000+ UNGAC soldiers stationed on different regions of the planet. Ground and air; they patrol, border, and guard what they have here. 54.6 million kilometers away from home. They fight against an enemy with more experience fighting on their own ground. With the disturbing implication; that war might erupt once again.

“When the going gets tough, it will only get tougher.

The Martians are brave, solid warriors. Do not underestimate them.

As of now, you are not the only human here…

And they know it…

Remember your training, don’t be a hero.

Just do your job.

And, remember…

Adapt. Survive. Repeat.

-Unofficial guidelines found in the UNGAC Combat Field Manual, 2010 Mars edition

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