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Friends Forever


Friends Forever

by 110912986712318632068 talaganda 1 min.

"All by myself, Don't wanna be all by myself anymore." I sang as I walked out of the school building.

I was walking home alone since my two best friends were not around. Okay, so one of them is sick. And the other one is on a date. I was heading home to give Dan his homework from school and wait for Trixie to come back from her date with her boyfriend.

By the way, my name is Edge. And I have been friends with Dan and Trixie since we were in preschool. And I have been in love with Trixie since grade school. I just never told her. I'm too afraid. Dan knows though and he has kept quiet all these years. Right now, Trixie's not single. And telling her will probably ruin our friendship.

Anyway, upon arriving home, I quickly change and visit Dan. I give him his homework and we sit on his porch waiting for Trixie to arrive. An hour later, we see Trixie dropped off by her boyfriend Adrian. She hops out of his car and walks over to us after he leaves. She is smiling. I ask her how her date went and she says it was great. She asks Dan how he's feeling and he says better. She bids us a good night and heads to her house. Dan gives me a pointed look as I leave. I shrug as I walk back toward my house. Dan shakes his head and heads inside his house. I go into mine.

I am such a klutz. While walking with Dan, I tripped over my feet. I seriously injured my ego since a lot of people saw me fall. Including Trixie. Of course Dan and Trixie were worried. Dan helped me get up. I continued walking. I felt some pain in my knees during our commute. I didn't know the full extent of my injury until I got home and changed.

I noticed a big scab on my knee and some smaller scabs on my leg. I sat on my bed and I heard the door open. Trixie enters with Dan. She is holding a small first aid kit. She shakes her head at the sight of my wounds. I tried to take the first aid kit from her. She says no. She kneels at my feet and she starts dressing my wounds. I wince a bit. Afterwards she gets up and sits next to me. Dan sits on my other side. The three of us just talk.

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<3 @<3lovecraz
Pretty Good but the part where he falls is unclear. You had them going into their own homes then went right to his fall. How did people see if he was already in his house?
yosiyah @yoyo
please read my book red x i would be so happy
kimberly @kimberlyvenegas
its great u should keep going but add more deatails
Jared @jaredweppelman
Well, I liked the dynamic between your characters, and I think something really interesting could happen here. But as it stands right now, nothing really happens in this story. It needs more actual story to make this stand out. So keep at it and this might be quite nice to read.
talaganda @talaganda

i know. i had a case of writer's block. although, this story is mildly based on my personal life See more