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From the Eyes of a Love God

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From the Eyes of a Love God

Chapter 1

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Three Gods. Each one of them is different. Life, Death, and Life.

Death decays in the corner. She's waiting for you to stop by.

Life is standing in the middle. You can feel him laughing at you.

He still thinks that you're a fool.

Love sits behind Life. He pushes him aside.

They both smirked at you. They used to be so kind to you.

Maybe they grew tired of you?

Or maybe, they really just didn't like you from the very start.

It's just rotten luck, the only thing you used to depend on.

Back then when you used to smile. They might have just taken that wide smile and replaced it with a frown.

Love approaches you and and he asks you.

"Are you ready to come back to wonderland?"

The silence is slowly killing you.

"It'll hurt." He smirked.

Love extends his hands to you.

You took it. You still know that you aren't alone in Wonderland. Somehow, others remain and still surviving.

You both walked slowly to the door to Wonderland.

Before you continued, Lofe whispered to you.

"You. You just won't learn."

He chuckled.

You never knew that the Wonderland was a Wasteland.

And you'll never know if you're going to run into trouble.

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