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Game X Survival


Game X Survival

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: The Marionette

“Where am I?”

That is what he muttered as he woke up.

The last thing he remembered was when he was alone in his room playing on his PC. He noticed a game he doesn’t remember downloading so he tried to uninstall it without opening it thinking that it is a virus but for unknown reasons, it won’t uninstall so he was forced to open it. There were no memories after that.

He looked around him and what he saw are people similar to him who were also confused while looking around. Some of the people haven’t even woken up yet and are lying down on the ground. Some of them are waking the sleeping ones up while others just ignore the sleeping and are running around.

He wanted to ask the other people but seeing their confused and panicked faces, he thought that he won’t get any answer from them. All of them were in the same situation. But on contrary to the people around him, he did not panic. There is no point in doing so. It will only make him more confused.

He stood up and looked around. They seemed to be on top of a small mountain. He felt a little hot from his back so he instinctively looked back and he got surprised when he saw a helicopter covered in flames not too far away. It seemed that this helicopter crashed here.

Seeing the helicopter behind, he thought that these people including him might have been kidnapped. But he immediately discarded the thought when he looked at his own body, the other people around him and the helicopter. With the helicopter looking like that it had no undamaged piece, it impossible for them to be unscathed if they are aboard that vehicle when it crashed.

All of them seemed to be in perfect physical conditions. He doesn’t know about the others but he’s absolutely sure that he had no injuries. He wanted to approach the helicopter but he is afraid that it would explode so he didn’t.

But somehow, this place looked familiar.

More of the people woke up. There are 15 people here, 7 are women and the rest are men. There are still a few who are still sleeping while the rest are either confused or shaken up. Surely enough, being shaken as someone woke up in someplace he never knew is the normal reaction. It seemed that a guy tried to leave but he hit himself on an invisible wall and fell down on his bottom. He stood up while wiping his nose that is bleeding. The scene itself looked hilarious that some “puff” sounds are heard as some of those who saw what happened tried to hold in their laughter.

The person who is wiping his nose turned around in embarrassment but did not say anything. Thanks to that though, the atmosphere became a little lighter.

Some of them started to talk to each other while some examined the wall that they can’t even see. Then, the last girl sleeping woke up in confusion.

As she was informed that all of them are in the same situation and confusion, she calmed down a little but anyone could see in her face that she is still afraid. Of course almost everyone is the same.

That is when a playful voice echoed.

“Oooh, at last everyone is awake. I thought that it would take a whole day before we start you know?”

The voice sounded like a girl but with a somehow metallic pitch and the voice was accompanied by metallic clinking sounds.

Everyone turned to the source of the voice. Then everyone took a step back. Some of the younger girls shrieked while the weak hearted men fell down and took distance while crawling backwards by kicking on the ground.

What they saw is a girl about 4 to 5 years old which is wearing a pink dress. If it’s just that then it would be fine but the girl’s pale colored ceramic body was hung with chains to two pieces of wood which is floating above her head. With her ceramic right hand, she is holding a large fork shaped candle holder with 3 lit candles on the tips. Furthermore, the girl’s hair is white colored and her body seemed to be made of white wood. Lastly, her face seemed beautiful if not for her devilish looking eyes which are glowing red. Her smile also would make anyone think that she is up to no good at all.

As everyone tried to express their fear and tried to get away from her on their own different ways, the girl pouted.

“Oya, oya. Aren’t you guys rude? It’s rude you know? I’m just here to explain you situation you know? Don’t you want to know?”

The girl smiled devilishly.

He looked at the girl who is floating in front of them. The girl looked devilish as she looked at them one by one.

Still, seeing the appearance of the devilish girl which looked like a doll, he can’t help but remember a monster from one of his favorite games.

“Marionette.” He muttered.

Of course, he was heard by everyone. The doll also looked at him and smiled.

“Ara, it seemed someone knew what I am. It’s good for you, you know. Is one of the survivors already decided?”

The girl floated down to the ground and walked on the ground on barefoot. The doll approached them and stood in the center of the walled area. She stretched out her arms and started to talk.

“All of you must be confused. Then allow me to explain.”

She folded her arms and raised the hem of her dress like noble greeting.

“Welcome to the world of games new players.”

Of course, everyone is confused.

“Arere? Still confused? As I said, all of you are now in the world of games, video games to be exact. You are no longer in your original world.”

She smiled.

“What bullshit are you spouting?! Don’t mess with us! There would be no way in the world that is true!”

Of course, what the doll said won’t be welcomed positively. Anybody would be likely to deny it. It was a guy who was wearing a coat and tie opposed first and murmurs followed from the others.

“Ha! I’m sure the doll here is just some toy and is controlled from somewhere! You! Whoever you are, bring us back from where you took us! Don’t you know me? I’m a rich businessman, I have contacts everywhere! If you-!”

The same guy started on his speech and carelessly approached the girl pointing his finger on her. But even before he finish what he wanted to say, the finger pointing at the girl was caught by the girl and is bent the way its shouldn’t have been bent to.


Even though his finger is still caught and bent by the girl’s hand, the businessman endured the pain and tried to kick the girl. Unfortunately, before the kick reach her, the leg used to kick was caught by her other hand. The next thing that happened is the guy being flung away and he hit the invisible barrier.

The guy fell to the ground with a heavy thud after he slid down the wall. He coughed a few times and looked at the girl with fear.

The girl looked at the guy she just threw with a murderous glint in her eye.

“I really wanted to kill you just now you know? Unfortunately I’m just here as a guide you know? Still, I could kill you, you know? I just don’t want to be punished you know?”

The aura the girl released became more and more murderous which made almost everyone flinch as they felt the intense killing intent.

That is when a boy walked toward the girl. The girl noticed him and face toward him also the murderous aura was directed at him.

It is the same boy who muttered what kind of creature the girl is earlier. He felt cold sweat on his back as he was basked in murderous aura but he endured it and crouched in front of the girl. He slowly extended his right hand toward the girl.

As the girl said, she can’t kill anyone here or she will be punished and as she did not feel any hostility from the boy, she did not attack even though she continued releasing a murderous aura toward him. The next thing of course made the other slack jawed.

The boy stroked her head gently.

“Here, here. Calm down alright?”

The others thought that this boy wanted to die early as he did something inconceivable. But surprisingly, the result was not what they expected.

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