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He is mine, and only mine.


He is mine, and only mine.

I sat there, watching him sleep. God I love him. His eyes, he smile, his laugh, his jokes, hair, skin, everything about him just makes me smile. Ugh I can't seem to think about the world without him, why he is my world. He's always been there for me, and I've always been there for him. We met when we both were just little kids. We played, and played all day, and when he had to move in high school, we just stopped talking. Vanished into thin air, our friendship did. Then he moved back, and we started talking again, and I learned that he had gotten married. No he was supposed to marry me, not her. I was his true love, not her. I had to fix it, he couldn't stay with her. I was his true love, not her. She was going to kill her anyways. She was going to end his life. I had to save his life. He is my true love after all. I did, I did save him, and he will love me again. He'll learn I had to kill her to save him. She couldn't live anymore, but why can't he seem to get that? He tried to run, and I didn't want to lose him, no I couldn't risk losing him again. He bled a lot, and cleaning wasn't easy because he was no help, but he'll learn to accept having no feet.

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Lynechia Roden


This is not my best, but I do hope ya like it.


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Nicole @nikkiroe
that was an awesome plot twist i loved it