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Chapter 1

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Last night, it was me, all by my own

Tears struck my eyes threatening to fall down, A gasp escaped my lips and I was hurt!

A sharp ache I felt, was it the heart break? I don’t know, just the pain was way too much for me to handle.

Maybe I’m too weak or I’m just a fool to even think that I could mean something to someone at all.

Because at the end I’m just a sacrifice they made, am I that easy to forget.

Broken and hurt looking for a shoulder to cry on when it hit me; I have no one, I’m all alone.


A thousands of thoughts ran through my mind, how to end my miserable life.

My body was here but my soul was gone.

My heart was in pieces and I need stitches.

Yes I’m all alone crying by myself and trying to hold on, HOLD ON!!

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