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Human Doll


Human Doll

You were like a doll,

I dressed you up so sweetly

I painted on your smile, each day

carried you with me closely

I set you up on a shelf,

I let you down for admirers

but you weren't happy with this life,

outside, was what you desired

and so your dress was muddy,

your curls were all mange and matted

your shoes had holes, your skin dirty,

but the shelf was of the past now

my little doll, I kept you safe,

from a world from which you wanted

for you were a child, not of porcelain

and coddling you was a trap

so tell me now, that I let you into this world,

what is it that you sought out?

was it life, imagination, a craving of wonder?

or to shed such fragile skin and grow?

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Mimi @mimidey
You always have something different to say. Well done :)