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I lie. That's the worst thing about me. Jade, can you play the guitar? Yes, I can! (but I can't) I have tried to stop this habit, but being above or at the same level with someone is my need. So I have to lie. And trust me when I say I am a damn good liar. Once I convinced my mom that I was on my marijuana (I wasn't) Had a hearty laugh after seeing her reaction. My lies were never caught.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and the doorbell rang. It was the police. Mom dropped the plate she was holding on seeing them. A little scared of them she is, my sweet Ma. "Yes, officer?" I asked the officer, with all the politeness I could put into the sentence. I didn't like the police.

"Excuse me" he said, "I was just passing from this area, when a foul odor coming from your backyard hit us. I inspected and found that the earth had been dug. Do you mind digging it again so I can see what's rotting so much?"

I laughed. Mom shook her head, as if saying to the officer that all this effort of his was just for nothing. "Ma, I think that they too are troubled by the odor like our neighbor" I turned to the officers.

"Sir, there is nothing to worry about. A wounded deer landed near our house one day, probably came from the nearby forest." I said. "Before I could do anything to it, it died. So I dug up a little area in my backyard and buried it there. It just started stinking yesterday, and I promise you, just like I promised the neighbors, that I will do something about it soon"

The office nodded and said, "You do whatever you want with it, but for my satisfaction, you have to dig the ground" What the hell. This was the first time my lie didn't work. Otherwise, he would have went away with a goodbye.

"Trust me officer, I will do something about it soon" I repeated. Now with more power in the lie. "And as I said" said the officer, now more seriously, "You have to dig the ground"

Well, now the officer left me no choice. Just like dad didn't. I told him do stop hitting Ma. But he wasn't one to listen. Every night he came home drunk and abuse mom. One night I couldn't take it anymore. I hit him with a hammer in the head. And as punishment for the violence over the years, I cut off his head with a saw. It must be in the fridge right now.

Mom helped me dig the backyard, and we dumped the body there. We didn't have time to dump the body in the forest.

Anyways, coming back to now. "Alright officer, come inside and have some tea while I find the shovel" I said. At least this lie worked. He stepped inside, and I closed the door. Ma went inside the kitchen. She knew what I had in mind.

As the officer finished the last sip of his tea, I came back. "Why have you brought a hammer?" he asked. This time I didn't lie. "I kill better with it" I said, and swung it hard at the officer's head. Mom smiled at me. "That was a close call!" she said. "Yeah, now get ready to dig the backyard again" I said, and went off to find the saw.

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