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I love you so much;) Piper and Alex OITNB

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I love you so much;) Piper and Alex OITNB

Orange is the New Black - Alex and Piper

Alex - " Hey pipes hows it going?"

Piper - " Terrible I just feel like I am cheating on larry. I love both of you guys so much..."

Alex walks up to piper to give her a hug and a kiss.

Piper- " Why do I love you so f*cking much."

Alex stares into Pipers eyes

Piper starts crying

Alex- " Hey its okay pipes, Ilysfm and I will support you no matter what."

Piper leans in for I kiss

Alex and piper make out for about 5 minutes. Alex pulls away and runs off with piper to the church room. Piper tkes off her shirt first then Alex's.

Piper-" Give it to me hard!"

Alex push's piper to the floor gently biting on Pipers lip. Piper push's Alex off of her and jumps on top of her and starts taking Alex's pants off, next to her underwear, she licks her "______" softly while Alex is moaning.


Piper- "Do you like it baby? I will give you more until you scream my name."

Alex is moaning so loud the others can probably hear her. They are both so in to it Piper keeps going. After 3 minutes of Alex moaning she kicks piper off with her feet and takes the same steps. But this time Alex says softly,

Piper- " Take it slow."

Alex- "Whatever you want baby.."

Alex starts riding her "_____" while piper is moaning. She goes fast for 2 minutes and starts going slow. She starts to take pipers clothes off. All you can hear is heavy breathing and moaning in the dark. Alex starts kissing down there. She is so satisfied she is shaking. Piper is moaning so loud. After they are done they end with 1 more round but faster. They were moaning so loud. After they ended with kisses. Piper gave hickeys all over Alex's body.

To be continued......

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