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..I'm the Father..


..I'm the Father..

"I'm a father!"Lucius said happily spinning Newborn Draco Malfoy."I'm a father!"


"Dada! Mama!" 8 month old Draco Malfoy screamed. " 'ook" Draco sat there holding a snake and cuddling it.

" 'ook" Draco said."It,a 'nake". His mother came and scooped Draco up and cuddled him.

"Oh!Baby"She said."Are you hurt?"

" 'ope" Draco said repeating the word his Auntie Bella always said

" 'ope, 'ope, 'ope," He said chewing on his thumb.

"Your the father"

His mother said planting him in his fathers arms.

"I'm the Father" Lucius whispered smiling.


"Happy Birthday Draco" His mother said. "hanks"2 year old Draco said proudly puffing his chest out and beaming. opening his presnts Draco saw only one thing:a broom."room!room!"Draco cried running to the broom. His mother looked fondly at the Lucius smiling at his son. "I'm the father"he whispered. She smiled again.


Lucius lay on his deathbed breathing hard. "Draco"Lucius cried at the 16 year old"did I ever tell you not to bow to anyone like a real Malfoy." Draco smiled and walked up into Voldemort room. " I will not serve" draco said to voldemort. "I'm the father" Lucuis said happily and left this earth. .THE END .

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