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I Never Really Moved On

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I Never Really Moved On

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If you ask Harvey how he's doing, he'll answer with a smile.

"I'm doing great," he would joke. Of course, others would laugh along.

Harvey is the epitome of charisma and kindness, of pure happiness and nothing of the evil kind.

If you ask others about Harvey, the only thing they can say are words of praise. He never had a bad bone in him.

But, behind those smiles and those bright eyes, Harvey comes back to a home of emptiness.

Up to this day, he stayed single.

Harvey still wonders why.

It was probably because he was hoping for someone to come back to him.

Until now, even when there are other good men clearly interested in Harvey, he still pines over someone unforgettable.

And in this whitewashed meeting room, he can see, as clear as the cloudless sky, who still has the power over his heart.

10 fucking years, Harvey thinks sadly, and I'm still not over him.

There he stood, like a king commanding his army-


He's still built, still leanly muscular, still taller than him, still the same sculpted jaw and piercing eyes. Still the same hair as dark as the evening sky.

Still the same lingering gaze over his frame.

Harvey pretends he doesn't notice this. Even when he's unconsciously crouching in his seat, he'll pretend nothing's happening.

Harvey returns to the day his parents called him for a collaboration meeting.

Who could it be? Harvey wonders, stepping into his father's office in a dapper suit.

His shocked eyes met suprised ones, and the wounds Harvey took so long healing, bled again in the sight of Vincent.

The only man who carried and broke his heart.

Maybe it's true that first loves don't work out that well.

Ah, he remembers that day in Business School when he confessed to Vincent.

He remembers Vincent rejecting him so badly, even if they slept together and dated a few times.

Harvey must have confused it with love.

Vincent didn't have to say anything.

Harvey could see the disgust in Vincent's eyes and the tension of his body.

"---new business partner, Vincent of the Catcher Company."

Grimly, Harvey steps forward, holding out his hand.

"Good to be acquianted," Harvey grinds out. Vincent took it, his palm rough from work but ever so warm.

This felt so reminiscent of his Senior Year Prom Escapade.

"Good to be acquianted," Vincent spoke back.

Senior Year Prom- the year they met.

The year Harvey wishes he could erase from his memory.

Now, cracking his back from his hunched position in his seat, he couldn't wait for the moment he could finally leave.

He wants to get away from Vincent.
Harvey doesn't want to notice Vincent's sad looks directed at him.

He tried preoccupying himself with work colleagues, but it doesn't work.

Nothing works.

"He's a married man, bastard," Harvey hisses to himself. He doesn't understand why that only made his heart heavier.

Harvey's forever stupid. Why crush for only one man for the past ten years?

What the fuck?

Said man seems to move on already, seeing there's a ring on his finger and all.

Harvey wishes, at the back of his mind, it was him whom Vincent married.

Vincent made Harvey hope for too many things.

Now that Harvey's slowly collapsing, Vincent's too afraid to take responsibility.

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**Harvey means "worthy" , while Vincent means "to conquer". This was a funny coincidence while I was randomly naming them


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