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Amanda’s POV

“I am definitely not going to that stupid party” I shout pulling out my pink binder from my cupcake shaped bag.“Arghh why not?”Mitchel, my best friend pouted.I shrug.“Come on Amanda! It’s just one stupid party” she sighs throwing her hands up in the air.“So you agree?” I smirk“ wha-shut up”I giggle covering my mouth before grabbing a piece of paper from my binder.“Now go because I have lots of homework” I mumble.Mitchel groans loudly and stumps out of my bed room.

Typical Mitchel…

I sigh loudly as I stare at my blank paper.It’s been 2 hours and all I could write was my name.“Just write” I mumble writing down the title.A loud groan escapes my lips and I pick up my pencil and throw it at my door.Since it was hot in the room, I walked over to my window and opened it letting the cold breeze hit my pale skin.I breathe in deeply and walk back to my fluffy chair.I rub my hands together and grab another paper along with a pencil and write my essay.

After another hour, I finally finished my essay.“Thank you l-Mitchel is calling my phone interrupted.A sigh escapes my lips as I grab my iPhone.I press the green button along with the speaker and lay it on my lap.

“What’s up?”

Hey is this Amanda?A man with a deep British accent calmly said.

“Yes? May I ask whose calling?”

My name is Harry styles and I have Mitchel.

“Is something wrong” I nervously say

Nothing serious but she’s really drunk and I can’t take her home so can you come?

“Um where is this party located?”


“There are tons of bars... Can you be more pacific?I sigh

The man chuckles before saying

“Ocean Breeze “

I press the end button and speed walk to my closet.I pull out a pair of grey sweat pants and a pink sweater crop.I slip it on and along with my flip flops and rush downstairs.“I’m going to get Mitchel!” I yell opening the door.Once I reach my white range rover, I get in and start the car.

I park my car in front of the bar and rush inside.The music was unnecessarily loud and girls were dancing like animals!I take a deep breath and walk through the crowd.“Excuse me, excuse me” I say.I scan the whole bar but a girl with brown hair and hazel eyes didn’t catch my eye.“Dammit” I mumble making my way to the couch.I lazily sit down and cover my face with my hands.I remove my hands from my face once again and scan the bar.As I look around, a pair of Green eyes caught my eye.My eyes travel down to his torso and I gasp.He didn’t have a shirt and his torso was covered in tattoos.I quickly look back up and smile.Instead of smiling back, he winks and sips his beer.

Ignoring the boy, I grab my phone from my but pocket and press the home button.“Shit” I mumble.My phone was on 3 percent!

“Are you lost” A boy chuckles.I look up from my phone and smile.“No, my phone just died and I need to call someone.”I say dropping my phone back in my butt pocket. The boy stares at me blankly before grabbing his phone from his hoodie pocket.“Here”

I thank the boy and type in Mitchel’s number.I hold the phone up against my ear and sigh.

“Mitchel where are you?” I ask covering my other ear to hear her better.

Uh. I. I’m with Harry she slurs.

“Where is Harry!?” I shout

“Were by the bar”Harry says.

I nod and quickly hang up

“Thanks I say extending the phone for the boy to take.

No answer…

I look up and roll my eyes.

The boy was gone.

“Who leaves their own phone?”I ask myself.I stuff the boy’s phone in my pocket and make my way to the bar.

There sat Mitchel and Harry on a stool.“Mitchel!” I yell running towards the bar.“Come on” I say grabbing her hand.She slowly gets up from the stool and smiles.“I love you” she slurs.I roll my eyes and mouth a thank you to Harry.

Harry was quit good looking… he had long brown curly hair, green eyes, plump pink lips and was wearing a simple grey t shirt, black shorts and white converse.I bite my lip at his hotness and wave goodbye.“He’s cute huh?”Mitchel slurs.I cover my face with my right hand and use my left hand to drag her out of the bar.

Once I reach my car I open the door and lay Mitchel on the back seat.“You’re so embarrassing” I mumble closing the door.“But you still love me!”

I start my car and begin driving home.

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