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I thought I Loved...


I thought I Loved...

by 2015 08 07 15.30.39 Gory T Gerena 2 mins.

Love...is it real...

It was the week of my twentieth birthday, I had told my mom I wanted to stay with him 'till my birthday, it was the day before of my birthday, we were in his house just playing video games naked after having morning sex with smiles in our faces, when his mom knocked on the door both of us fell from the bed him first then me on top.

"OOf!" "Owe!" we both looked at each other, he then looked at me with mire interest and says "wow..."

"what is it?" I said blushing.

"your so beautiful, I can't believe I have you." He say's while softly caressing my cheek. He the pushes my face towards his like to kiss him but then he switches me from top to bottom, I giggled cause then he started to tickle me, after a few moment he pins me and starts to kiss me passionately.

*NOCK NOCK POWN POWN* "HEY BREAKFAST IS READY" his mom screams again for the second time.

We both giggle then we get up and get dressed.

"stay here I'll get the food k love."

"okis" I say while getting the controller to starts playing ps3.

*phone rings and new music*

I looked to it and don't pick it up but I like the music. I then get the phone and unlock it.

"what are you doing?!" he said with a alarmed voice tone

"I was just going to pass a song that I heard, I liked it, is it bad?" I said while looking at him worried and surprised.

"uhh no no I'll pass it later k, here's the food" After he gives me the food he then puts his phone in his pants pockets. I then start to worry and think to my self "what was that all about..?"

Hours go by and I asked him before he went to take a shower for the phone he comes and says "yeah pass it" Just as he goes in the the bathroom, I told him that he had the phone and he just ignored me.

The night came and we plus our best friends that were also a couple went to the beach side to drink to celebrate my birthday. After a few drinks I started to act mean to him. Before going out I texted my best friend telling her what happened, she and I then got a plan on me getting tipsy and him tipsy enough for him to tell me whats wrong and why he was acting all suspicious. So after a few drinks I got the attitude.

"What's up with you?" He said looking at me with a annoyed face.

"To me, nothing, just having fun not hiding anything and you? you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine why did you say that?"

"say what?"

"that your not hiding anything."

"cause its true, here." I handed my phone to him.

"yeah what do I do with this?"

"nothing if you don't want to, can I have your's?"

"no" At this moment his best friend looks at hime with a "wtf dude?" face

"why not?, are you hiding something?"


"then my can't I use your phone to pass a song to mine like I've done so many times huh?"

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