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The Mysterious clown

I lived in a town named "Derry". Every 27 Years a clown comes out and hunts kids and usually bite their right arm off after that he usually hibernates for 27 Yrs.This clown is tall,bald,a red mustache,brown eyebrows,red lipstick.The clown's name is Pennywise and he's known as "The Dancing Clown".Kids have fear of that Dancing Clown.

Angel is 14 years old,Peter is 13 years old,John is 12 years old,and Alissa is 15 years old.At the last day of school Angel had a red Jordan shirt with blue jeans and black Jordan's on.Peter had a black shirt with a thumbs up sign and black jeans with black shoes.John had a yellow shirt with a dollar sign and black jeans with red shoes.Alissa had a pink shirt with a smiley face on and with black jeans and black shoes.

It's time for the Dancing Clown to wake up and separate people.There are 4 best friends that go to the same school. It's the last day of school.When Angel has arrived to his friends house he has been notified that his little brother Billy has been disappeared by the "Dancing Clown".His friends had offered to help and see if Billy was alive.Angel had a map of all of the sewers where they all met up, and it showed where the Dancing Clown is living.

The house looked like it was old, it looked like it was abadonded .The house is made out of wood. The 4 friends went in know one was there it had alot of spider webbs,rats wondering around and dusty.The 4 friends had seperated since their was 2 floors, 2 people go upstairs and 2 people stay downstairs.The stairs were creaking loudly every time that they stepped.

Upstairs Angel and Peter went upstairs and Alissa and John stayed downstairs.Downstairs John saw 4 papers and each paper had their information and picture. The papers were in a folder that said "must be seperated".John freaked out then Alissa said "this isn't real he just wants to drive us crazy that not going to happen".Then they saw plans for getting them.

Upstairs Angel and Peter saw a girl that was about 16 years old and she said "RUN".When she was dragged Angel and Peter went to follow her. They saw 3 doors saying "scary","not scary at all" , and "very scary.They chose the very scary door, it wasn't scary at all said Peter.But then, the floor had collapsed and they landed in the other side of the 1st floor.The 4 friends had met up, and they each saw a well that Pennywise went through.They took a big piece of rope they finally reached down to the basement. Angel saw his brother Billy he was wearing a yellow raincoat with yellow rain boots.When Angel saw his brother had his right arm bit off.

Billy said "Angel please bring me back home I want to be with mom and dad". Angel had a metal stick and had to hit him because he knew that wasn't his brother.Pennywise had came out of him.The 4 friends had weapons.Angel stuck the metal stick in his forehead but the clown was still alive.John shot the clown at the forehead then he finally was dead. But after the mask came off it was Alissa's dad.Alissa was surprised but she didn't care because she has her friends to live with.

The next day, they met up in the central park. Angel said "if Pennywise came back alive 27 years later we will come back". "YES WE WILL". In case if we forget we will cut our hands. We will do everything it takes just to kill that "Dancing Clown".

By:Marlyn Grullon

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