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A dog, a life, a friend.

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A dog, a life, a friend.

Chapter 1


Jenna- Nina Dobrev

Billie- Billie Eilish

Ian- ian somerhalder

Enzo- Nathaniel Buzolic

chapter one ( Kissing the bad boy)

Jenna's POV
" give her a hard one!" Billie yelled while lifting her 5th cigarette to her lips inhaling all the bad shit that's in there.
I let out a loud exaggerated cough flinging my hands up in the air trying to get rid of the smoke while derrick, one of billies friends pulls out a paper which looked like a list.
" she's done all of these already" he says looking very closely at the paper.
" guess I get 50 dollars!" I smirk.
"wait!" Billie yells bringing the cigarette to her lips for the 20th time inhaling twice then blowing it out.
" I dare you, to kiss the bad boy". She finally says.
When she said that, my heart literally stopped and I'm pretty sure my face got pale. Before I can open my mouth to speak, my doorbell rang.
It's been 2 weeks since Billie dared me to kiss the bad boy. I have to admit I'm scared because Ian is super popular and if I was to kiss him he would tell the whole school I was a slut and I really don't want to have to deal with that especially since it's my last year.
But your not scared of anything. The voice inside my head said. " But this is different! He's the bad boy and I'm well me." I talked to myself for about 10 minutes till I finally said "fuck it".

I jumped out of my bed and did my morning routine which is brushing my teeth, and taking a quick warm shower.
After i finished showering, I got dressed. ( outfit above)
" see you later dad!" I yell grabbing my keys. Before he could say bye back I closed he door. Not trying to be rude or anything. 😅

Once I arrived at school I quickly parked the car and rushed inside.
" Billie I yell earning stares from everyone. She raised her eyebrow smirking before jumping up and down like a 5 year old. " you finally agreed to do it?! She screamed. I ignore her and look at Ian. He had his dark brown hair messy, his blue ocean eyes sparking and his back facing me.
" hurry up". Billie says grabbing her phone.

I take a deep breath and take long strides to Ian. Once I was close enough to him I turn his head around and smashed my lips onto his earnings gasps from everyone. After 20 seconds I pushed him off me and walked away like nothing happened. SAVAGE.

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