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~~ Jay-Walking ~~~

One car two cars three

Stay on the road but be safety

Yellow, black purple and green

Cars with their lights not so dim

Stop, look and listen

Observe traffic light before crossing

No U turn, unloading, No Parking sign

Check left to right and behind

Their are cars speeding and their are slow

The drivers mind , we don't know

Sometimes the road looks like fast and furious scene

Oh dear, the traffic light is now green

Yes I'm on the highway

Just taking my boredom away

I am so engross watching the traffic

I don't know I'm kinda frantic

And yes it has taken away my ennui

I never knew I'll be in captivity

Absentmindedly i cross the street

Unknowingly there are traffic police

Prit..prit... Mr. Policeman blow his whistle

I'm just standing there like looking at a puzzle

It's too late to realize I'm in the highways island

Oh dear! Will I stay or will I run?

Mr. Policeman is fast approaching

He is waving his badge want me stay standing

Now I'm thinking of escaping

It's too late I'm charge for jay-walking.

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