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Jet Black Everything

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Jet Black Everything

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mrs. kim glanced at the wall clock as she grabbed a plate from the cupboard. a few years ago, if she had seen the time, she would have hurried her son like the world was on fire. but after years of this stressful routine, she learned not to care about the stupid clock. because it had been broken for years.


she called for her son as she placed breakfast on the dining table.

"breakfast is ready!"

"i'm coming!"

tae called from his room rummaging through his bag. despite the teen fiction stereotype, tae's room was quite clean. there were a few papers here and there, some clothes and dog toys strewn across the floor but it was clean for the most part.

his dog was sitting comfortably in her small bed, watching her distressed master.

yeontan stood from her bed underneath the desktop and trotted over to tae's bed. she sat in front of him, her tail thudding softly on the cotton blankets, expecting a pat or a little game. tae hardly looked up.

"hey, girl. morning. now go away. i'm busy."

the animal sat there for a few seconds before padding over to the collection of plushies--yes, plushies--against his master's pillows. to seek revenge or just to play, no one will know.

tae momentarily glanced up, in time and grabbed yeontan to his chest.

"no yeontan, not my toys."

he put the dog down and it made its way out of his room, tumbling down the flight of stairs and strolling into the dining area.


tae tsked and finally gave in to his growling stomach.

"mom, have you seen my headphones?"

he hurried to zip his bag before running down the stairs to the dining table where yeontan and his mother were waiting for him.

"yeah. you left them on table, by the door."

mrs. kim smiles at his son who kisses her cheek. she felt extremely fortunate to have a son as kind and caring as he was. but her smile drops when she sees him grab only toast and sips of milk.

"thanks, mom."

mrs. kim looked at the plate she had prepared. and so was yeontan.

"but what about your breakfast?"

"sorry mom."

he grins sheepishly as he slips out the door, grabbing his headphones on the way out.

mrs. kim sighs. the broken clock ticked despite it's hands being stuck in just one place. yeontan looked at her and wagged her tail.

she looked at the creature that was wagging her tail expectantly, quietly suggesting her intentions.

"do you want it?"

as if she understood, yeontan leaned forward further, lolling her pink tongue and wagging her tail persistently. her master sighed.

and we will never know what has become of tae's uneaten breakfast.


the distance to tae's home to his school was just walking distance. at least, for him. breir-thompson 21st division international school is the closest prestigious private school in their area. it provides quality education and services to its students to mold them into there best selves. that's what the pamphlet said.

tae, like most students, hated school. it's not just because he hated studying. he mostly hated the people inside it. the female population most especially.

"oh, there he is!"

"kim taehyung....he's so hot...even in just his uniform."

'ugh, what a way to ruin the morning.' tae pressed the volume button with a little too much pressure, turning it higher.

"how could he be so handsome but so cold?"

"ah, he's so my type."

"even if he's an asshole?"

"well, he's a handsome asshole so i don't care."

'well then how bout i become a handsome killer on you right now?' tae shook his head and concentrated on his music.

"hi, tae."

tae wanted to stab himself. mutilate his face. maybe be reincarnated to be less handsome. why did he have to be so handsome?

"the weather's really nice--"

"it's hot and humid."

the girl blinked, face flushed with embarrassment as other girls stared. tae hoped it was enough to discourage her.

he was wrong.

"oh, right. well, do you want to hang out? it's still early--"

"too busy."

"really? then how about at lunch--"


"then maybe after class--"

the girl just won't stop. and tae was annoyed as fuck. grabbing his headphones, he turned to the annoying girl, eyes burning.

tae wasn't exactly a patient and kind personality. a typical good-looking bad boy character. aside from that, his particularly sharp tongue and impoliteness accompanied by his short temper leads to nothing good. especially to the opposite gender which he had grown to despise.

"listen here, you annoying bitch. let me be crystal clear. i don't wanna hang out. not now or ever and most especially not with you. or anyone else. okay? okay. now fuck off."

the girl's eyes were brimming with tears and embarasment as he turned and walked away.

the spectators tsked and shook their head at the girl who was consoled by her friends.

"so rude."

"it's her fault for being so arrogant."

"did she really think she'd have a chance."

"she's not even that pretty."

"hah. serves her right."

"but you know..."

"he looks hotter when he's mad."

"totally my type."

and from here on out, we can hypothesize that tae's fangirls are crazy. let's pray not all of them are.

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